Let Truth Always Expose Untruths – 2 August 2018


2 August 2018

An Address about the Public Meeting held in Manilla, Philippines on the 22nd July 2018 with MDM and Divine Mercy Groups.

Wed 18th May 2012 – 11.01.36 – MP: (Fr. Marie Paul wrote to MDM):



After the meeting of the Maria Divine Mercy followers and Mercy Groups in Manilla City, Philippines on the 22nd July 2018 – during the visitation of Joseph Gabriel, the representative of MDM Mission, where my representative the Most Rev. Bishop Broussard was present who also gave a talk.

It has come to my attention that the reason for this large congregation, was to discuss the division amongst followers of MDM and the Mercy Groups – also, that the other Seers are not respected by the followers, with support given only to MDM – as if she were the only Prophet in the world.

The speakers, who are claiming to represent MDM, reverberated over and over again that MDM is the only Prophet – in other words, no other Prophet is worthwhile considering. It is very Clear to me that the speakers and followers do not read the Messages given to MDM.

I have had to write about this matter several times, which is very disappointing. The speakers should not be ramming about MDM down peoples’ throats and even more, telling people to oppose the Priests if they speak against the Messages of MDM.

Simply preach the Words of Jesus and leave the Priests alone – and other Prophets and Seers, who are as authentic as MDM is. She is not the only Prophet in the world. There are many and they have received similar Messages like MDM for much longer than MDM – some for forty (40) to sixty (60) years.

It seems to me that the MDM followers and promoters gladly place other Seers aside, claiming MDM is the only one.

Let me make it clear to the people who promote MDM – not only in the Philippines, but throughout the world – there are many True Prophets, Seers and Visionaries currently in the world: Emma from the Philippines – Luz de Maria from Argentina – Ebson and Petra from Brazil – Julia from South Korea – Christine Gallagher from Ireland and Medjugorje. There are also others.

MDM is the Last Prophet – nothing more than that. I myself support her very much and one of the few public Seers who promote her.

Also the revelation about the last Peter was not mentioned – yet hundreds of Prophets, Seers and Visionaries – and some twenty Saints of the last Century – revealed about Petrus Romanus, as Jesus did to me.

Both MDM’s Messages and other Seers, are true. I will show you through MDM’s Message that when she received this Message – a few Messages later Jesus explained to her that He would raise a man who will lead the Church. MDM was confounded and Jesus said she would understand later.

I noticed, during this meeting, it was revealed that the next Pope after Benedict was an Anti Pope – but this revelation was given to other Prophets long before MDM received it.

10th May 2014 MDM: Our Lord: “I will raise up within My Church a man who will stand up and proclaim the Truth.”

“My dearly beloved daughter, it is not for you to understand now, but know that I will raise up within My Church a man who will stand up and proclaim the Truth. He will do this at a time when no other Cardinal, Bishop, Priest or any Sacred Servant of Mine will have the courage to do so.”

“When the new “fake doctrine” engulfs the Church, many within it will know in their hearts how flawed it will be. They will be alarmed, but too frightened to raise their voices. The man I will raise is a brave soul and many will be relieved when he speaks up. When he does this, many more will rise up and speak out, thereby saving many souls. When he is raised I have other Plans to bring all those Faiths together who do not accept Me, Jesus Christ, as being the Son of God.”

(Peter II is true who is the Little Pebble – but he would be a layman, as revealed to Ann Catherine Emmerich – This is a statement, not part of the above Message. He is called the Mystic Pope.)

MDM 5th April 2013: “My dearly beloved daughter, Under your vow of obedience to Me, you must never defend My Messages, nor do you have the authority to denounce or criticize any other Visionary or self-proclaimed Prophet – true, or false.”

17th April 2011 – MDM: The Blessed Trinity is now active in communicating to Chosen Souls all over the world.

16th October 2012 – MDM: “My dearly beloved daughter, When I say that I have sent many Prophets into the world, this meant that each one has been given a specific Mission. No two Missions cross over.

22nd March 2012 – MDM: “You, My daughter and many other Chosen Souls, are now experiencing both physical and interior suffering at the same time.”

18th June 2012 – MDM: “All My True Messengers are preparing God’s children for the Second Coming.”

16th May 2012 – MDM – Our Lord: “All My Visionaries in the world will be instructed to pray in order to avert the dangers associated with war.”

Most Rev. Bishop Broussard spoke to you and revealed how MDM and Little Pebble were in constant communication in the early part of her Mission from 2012 to 2014; that we had some thirty (30) emails to prove it – even where MDM confirmed to L.P. via her intermediary, who relayed all emails, Fr. Marie Paul and Bishop Broussard. Plus MDM asked LP for his help to ask Jesus about her situation and L.P. advised her what Jesus told him to tell her. She also gave LP Jesus’ Instructions for him. There were also sixty (60) other emails of communication where MDM sought understanding of the sort, until Jesus instructed her that she could no longer communicate like this, as it was not His Will now.

So that your doubts are placed aside I have included some of these communications between MDM and myself.

In God’s Mission sometimes it is very difficult to understand the Messages He gives, but all we can do is trust and believe until He helps us to understand. So please stop fighting amongst yourselves. Work together – as all of you are special to Him. Remember this: United you are strong – divided you will fall.

Stop attacking Priests who do not believe in the Messages of MDM or other Seers and do not judge your President – he is a good man. Pray for him as Jesus loves him very much.

Wishing God’s Special Blessings to you.

William Costellia


Here are some of those emails that I received from MDM and those I wrote to her via Fr. Marie Paul and Bishop Broussard, as I was in prison at the time.

16th May 2012 – 20.09.21 – 0400 – MP: MDM provided a quick response to some questions and ignored the main one. (would you publish the Warning date.)

MDM: (To MP) I am not looking for any reward – I offer suffering because I feel so sorry for Jesus and feel His deep pain to save all souls.

Am I Enoch? I don’t know. I have been told I am the Seventh Messenger. I am the Angel who appeared in the Bible when John was told to eat the scroll.

I went straight to my Priest and was passed around, with the final Priest – a man in his eighties (80’s). He was assigned to investigate – but only read a few Messages. Jesus has told me not to worry, because it won’t matter as the Messages will not be accepted.

30th April 2013 – 14.15.41 – MDM: (To William via Fr. Marie Paul) Father, tell him I will keep him in my heart and will ask Jesus to help him in his suffering. Lots of love, Maria.

16th April 2015 – MDM: (To MP) I see Jesus every day and God the Father on some occasions. I see Our Lady every few days. I have seen Her at many Grottos in Ireland, Knock – as well as Medjugorje. I also see Angels from time to time protecting me. I have been forbidden to communicate with any other Seers. God Bless.

William’s situation: Genuine Seers are treated not just unfairly, but in the most despicable and cunning ways. Many lies are told about them and they are vilified – but we have to trust in Jesus at all times.

Then MDM answered LP – William – another question:

18th April 2013 4.20 pm – MDM: I have just asked for guidance in this matter. I received a reply – I also received this Message, which I know you are waiting for. Can you pass it over to William. This correspondence is confidential and is not for the public domain.

20th July 2013 – 9.42.18 MDM: Hi there! I received two Messages. I haven’t a clue what they mean, but hope they might mean something to William Tell him I send him my love. Maria.

MDM – 15th July 2013: JESUS: “Tell William that I love him, but tell him I cannot grant him peace in this matter. He will understand the reasons and as such, will suffer. He must call on Me so I can make Myself clear. I Bless him +.”

28th July 2013 – MDM to Fr MP: Father, please don’t use my old Gmail as it has become unstable. Please only use this one from now on. God Bless. Maria Divine Mercy.

18th April 2013 – 12.15 pm: LP to MDM: (via Fr. MP) Hi Maria! William wants you to know to be ready, because there will be a major attack upon her (you?) from the Irish Hierarchy, including the Primate of Ireland. God Bless. Fr. Marie Paul.

MDM To MP: Father, help me please. I am trying to be strong, but the campaign is being mounted against me b y Freemasons in the Church. I need plenty of prayers. Maria.

18th January 2013 – MP to MDM: William asked me to ask you if you were upset with his letter. He also said not to be, as you have nothing to fear – just to trust in Jesus’ protection. William will always be there to help you.

MDM response: Hello, how are you? Upset with letter? No of course not. I expect all these attacks – and I know they will get worse. I am very strong at the moment and with the help of Jesus.

(William told MDM she would be attacked by the Church and Media and to be careful of those close to her. The answer came as above). Then she said: Give my love to William. Thank you for your concern, it is most appreciated.

1st January 2013 – LP to MDM via MP: Hi Maria! William asked me to relay this Message to you: “Be very careful of the people around you – especially the one in Rome.”

MDM to LP: Can you give me any more details? God Bless, Maria.

20th October, 2012 – MP to MDM: He wrote to her about the Media and other people attacking her and other Seers. She wrote back and said:

MDM: Regarding Messages from some False Seers / False Prophets – there are hundreds of them now. I know who the real ones are, as Jesus gave me most of their names – , – in each case. They are ridiculed, treated viciously by the Media and shunned by Catholics – a real giveaway sign that you are dealing with an authentic Visionary. If they were not coming from God, people would not bother with them too much. God Bless. Maria.

17th October 2012 – MP to MDM: I pray and hope that you are doing well. Please see the letter in PDF from William.

MDM to MP: Thank you Father. My heart goes out to him. I will pray for him. Tell him I send him my love. God Bless. Maria.

16th July 2012 – MP to MDM – Hi Maria! I also wish to forward to you a few words from the Little Pebble – that Chosen Soul who prays for you often. He asked if you would pray for his release?

MDM: Thanks. I will pray for him. God Bless. Maria.

22nd November 2012 – MP to MDM: Hi Maria! Please read the attached letter from William – it contains critical information.

MDM to MP: Father, Don’t reveal the contents to anyone, but I was given this information myself. I have many enemies. Ask William to pray hard for me. God Bless Maria – both of you.

23rd December 2012 – LP to MDM: Hi Maria! William Costellia asked me to wish you the best for Christmas and sending you a Blessing as one of the last Apostles.

MDM to LP: Please tell him he is in my prayers and I wish him a peaceful and joyful Christmas. God Bless. Maria.

25th January 2013 – MDM To LP via MP: Thank William for his love and support. God Bless. Maria.

19th April 2013 – MDM To LP via MP: Give my love to William. God Bless you and your Mission. Maria.

18th May 2013 MDM To LP via MP: Tell William to try and stay strong, because when all is said and done, nothing will conquer the Word of God. I will spend time in prayer for William immediately and ask Jesus to help him. My God, help him – I know how he suffers in Christ.

5th July 2013 – MDM to MP: I understand how lonely this is for William and I send him my love, as he is in my thoughts a lot. I ask Jesus to guide him in all he does for Jesus by declaring these Messages in the public arena. I am going to be despised, but I accept this. Lots of love. Maria.

19th July 2013 – MDM to MP for LP: I have a Message for William and will get it to you later. God Bless. Maria.

13th July 2013 – MDM to LP: Can you send William all my love. He is in my prayers. Lots and lots of love. Maria.

27th February 2012 – MDM to MP: I believe that Face book for Jesus to Mankind is under attack and that some people posting up there are being vicious, judgemental and cruel. If they continue I will remove them. I am very disappointed and certainly will not condone anything housed in our website that ridicules anyone.

Then it got really serious – someone claiming to be the A.C. has been emailing me. They managed to break through every security filter. Then the false visionaries – not referring to Little Pebble at all. I would never ever do that – tried to piggy back on our site by incurring links back to their sites. I just realised they wanted to make money. When I took them off, they set up false Face book names and accounts. God Bless. Maria.

22nd October 2012 – MP to MDM: Hi Maria! How interesting about you getting a list of Prophets. Here is an excerpt from Little Pebble Message of 5th October 2012:

Our Lady: “Shortly, My Divine Son Jesus, will open up another Seal and men will be astounded. Locked within the Seals are the names of all true Chosen Souls of God.”

5th October 2012 – MDM to MP: I will be hidden – even still after the Warning – but will be revealed just before the Second Coming. As for the Media- it will change. Jesus spoke about a Secret Channel.

11th July 2012 – MP to MDM: I checked on my date of 28th February with another Seer and they confirmed as you did, that is not the Warning, rather it is a warning.

MDM: I wonder if this is why Jesus said we will need food, water and lighting, because we will not go outside our homes after the Warning? Maria

Tuesday 28th July 2012 – MP to MDM: Dear Maria, Thanks for the clarification. I know you are true, since part of my job is to promote and defend the True Prophets. I notice I am no longer allowed to post in the JMJ.

MDM to MP: Father, this is a disgrace – I will deal with this.

Meanwhile, got very bad news this morning. I have cancer and am being operated on urgently, Friday morning. I have been told I will recover. However, the comments on Face book are very worrying and I feel they are getting out of control. Some insult the Messages when they start to ban other people. They have no right to do this, only I.

9th March 2014 was the last communication received via Grace Francis, her mother.

And finally, I have received information in the past weeks from those close to MDM, that she is once again receiving Messages. She has placed them in two (2) books, about what to do after the Warning; what to do during the Reign of the Antichrist and how to prepare for the Second Coming. These will be released after the Warning and she will become public just before Jesus Returns.