Message 769 – 5 August 2018



Sins have drenched the Earth; even nature itself cries out to Heaven for Justice – The Earth will begin to move faster and the Sun will shed larger rays of light and heat – Lands will dry up, destroying food supply; men will kill to gain food – U.S. will be attacked as war breaks out; men will see a Star in the Heavens, bringing fright to mankind, as a Rock will descend upon the oceans, causing great calamities. Earth will vibrate; Nations will fall and succumb to the shifting of the plates – Soon they will change the wafer in the Sacrifice on the Altar, so that the substance cannot be changed into the Body and Blood of Jesus.

WILLIAM: Today after Mass the Eternal Father appeared over the Tabernacle – He Blessed me graciously and gave me a private Message. Then said He has placed the Message inside me. It is always released once I pray, as my Guardian Angel, Saint Sacramessugus, would release it.

I see my Guardian Angel after praying. He is such a beautiful Angel and has on his breast plate – like armour – fifteen (15) stars. The middle one glows and opens up a light which penetrates my head and heart. He greets me in the Name of God and addressed me as brother. Then the Message started to flow:

ETERNAL FATHER: “I greet you, My beloved son, William John the Baptist Costellia – Prophet of the End Times: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen” +++

“I am the Alpha and Omega – I AM. I send My Blessings to you and all My children throughout the world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My dear children who have made the Novena to Me, your Heavenly Father, have pleased Me much in this hour of great sorrow to Me and all of Heaven. Because of your great love and devotion to My Fatherly Heart, I will grant all your petitions, which are in compliance to My Will – and those that are not, I will give you other Graces most in need of your souls.”

“My children, so dear to My Heart, you must not fear to approach Me, for I am a Loving Father who longs to embrace all of His Creation.”

“The world as you know it, will soon pass away to a New Earth and a New Heaven, where all men will live in harmony – it is but a few years away from now. Do not be troubled in heart, for I would not allow anything harmful to come to those who truly love me – and as for those souls who I also love, who have gone astray, I will need to bring chastisements down, so that they will awaken from their slumber, because, if I do not, their souls – and many more whom they care for – may be lost to Me.”

“Today’s readings within My House upon Earth, gave you a story from Moses, My Prophet, where it was written how the Hebrews – even though they saw My Powerful Intervention saving them from the Egyptians, as they fled over the desert through the sea, to come to My Mountain, so that I could give them My Law – how My children were so ungrateful and murmured against Me and My Prophet Moses, as they wanted food.”

“I gave them so many Miracles and yet, they spoke against Me. Am I such an unloving Father? And what about now? I gave My only Begotten One – your Saviour Jesus The Christ – and millions of Miracles throughout the centuries and still My children murmur their ungratefulness to Me, their Heavenly Father.”

“The most precious Gifts I have given you are My Bread – Jesus Christ in the Eucharist – My Wine in the Blood of the Lamb. I have given you the Sacrament of Reconciliation, so that your sins are washed clean, as often as you come to My servants, the Priests – and I have given you a Gentle Mother, My Precious Daughter Mary. What must I do, dearest children to convince you that I am your Loving Father?”

“Yet the majority of men have turned away from Me, seeking the “Golden Calf” – other gods: Ones of power, lust, money, materialism, the sins of the flesh, the sins of the heart, the sins of greed and avarice, the sins of gluttony and covetousness. Virtues are no longer sought or lived, but the hearts have become stone and all lead to pride and the famous words: ‘I will not serve!’ The same sins committed in every era of the world – it is only that the sins now, have drenched the Earth so much, that even nature itself cries out to Heaven, asking the Heavenly Father to bring down His Arm in His Justice.”

“It is now time for your Heavenly Father to respond to the Saints on Earth and in Heaven, to clean the world of its iniquity before all is lost. Therefore, I will now place into a motion of time in earthly calculations – no longer Heavenly time.”

“The Earth will begin to move faster on its axis and the Sun will spin faster and shed out larger rays of light and heat, where men will see the lakes and rivers heat up, killing many of its life form. Some will dry up, where men will seek water to quench their thirst – even to the point of going to war with Nations, to gain this precious liquid. Other lands will dry up, destroying the food supply and men will kill to gain food, selling their wives and children into slavery so that they will survive.”

“I will send rain where there has been no rain. I will flood many Nations. I will tilt the Earth on its axis, so that the seas will rise and course over land – Islands and Coastal Regions of many lands – bringing down Cities and Commerce. The Four Great Angels stand at the corners of the world waiting on My Command, to empty their bowls upon the Earth – for even the elements of the Earth, Heaven and Sea and the outer Regions of your atmosphere, will chastise man, for disease will strike mankind, until he comes to his senses and turns back to Me, their Loving Father, who awaits them like the Prodigal Son.”

“I will show the Power of My Hand, for shortly, a major conflict will begin in the Middle East against My people, Israel – where the enemies of Israel will launch a major offensive – and many will be lost. Blood will flow in Jerusalem and in Tehran.”

“The Great Powers will be drawn in. However, they will not prevail, as the Ten Crowns of the European Union will be involved in a major conflict with Russia.”

“The United States will be attacked as war breaks out, then men will see a Star in the Heavens, bringing fright to mankind, as a Rock will descend upon the oceans, causing great calamities. The Earth will vibrate and Nations will fall and succumb to the shifting of the plates and land.”

“A large new land will appear, revealing secrets that have been hidden from man since the Great Flood, which will show how God also intervened in other parts of the world, before the floods came.”

“Know this, My children, all this must come to pass, so that the Man of Perdition – the Man of Sin – becomes visible for all to see, as he will come as a Man of Peace, yet he is the Son of Satan.”

“However, sweet children, even though these dreadful events must come upon man, so that he will come back to me, so I can save the majority of mankind before My Divine Son, Jesus returns. All My faithful children will have nothing to fear – even though it may be very difficult. But I will protect My Own, as all of Heaven will engage in the Great Battle of the Spirits. Angels will be sent to you, to protect you. You will be fed and given water and protective shelters, for all My devotees in many parts over the world, have prepared their homes and places of refuge, as requested by Heaven. These places will be Havens for all who seek the truth.”

“Be not troubled, children, as I your Heavenly Father, will not abandon you. Trust in My Love and have hope, for when all has passed and the Great Warning will be upon you, all men will see their souls in a Mirror before Me – then all will know the truth.”

“Continue to pray and remember the Promises I have made to you since time began – a little while longer and night will turn into day.”

“The time for the events in Rome will now come. Benedict, the True Pope, will soon come to Us, as his time is near, so that all that has been prophesied will come to pass. Pray to strengthen him on his final journey.”

“The Seat of Peter will now undergo great upheaval and changes, for the Evil One wishes to usurp its foundation. My Hand will now fall upon the City of the Harlot, as it has prostituted itself.”

“The Division I have spoken to you about over many years within Holy Mother Church, will be seen openly, as new teachings and renovations will be introduced. Pray for My Priest-sons, many of whom have sold their souls to get ahead in power, rather than being humble servants for God’s people. I cannot urge you enough to pray for them, as many will be lost to Me.”

“Soon they will change the wafer in the Sacrifice on the Altar, so that the substance cannot be changed into the Body and Blood of Jesus. This is to starve My children of the Eucharistic need for the Lambs. But I will be there to receive Our children’s sacrifices and needs.”

“The Great War is at the door and it will be witnessed in three places at the same time, catching the West unaware.”

“Today, I send a Special Blessing to My son, Rodrigo Duterte, of the Philippines: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Know this, My son: I am He who Loves you – your Father in Heaven – who awaits your heart’s response to Me. I send My Blessing as the Eternal Father to all the Leaders of the world, as most of them are far away from Me. Soon you will know Me, as you will stand before Me.”

“Continue to go forward My little son, William, to gather My sheep. It is now time for all children, no matter what faith, colour or creed – every Nation on Earth must now pray and turn to Me, their Heavenly Father – even those who do not believe in Me, as in their hearts they know I exist.”

“The hour has struck! Know that I AM that I AM.”

“Peace be to all My children who listen to My Voice – a Peace that comes from My Spirit – not a man-made peace, which will soon turn to ashes.”

“I Bless you, son: In the Name of the Father and of the son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: After the Message I felt really drained, as if I had the Eternal Father’s Heavy Heart.