Message 770 – 22 September 2018


NO. 770

You have been raised to a higher calling to prepare you for your rise to the Papacy – Your Nation is to prepare for the coming of My Vicar, so that he will be able to rule with an ‘iron rod’, but be as ‘gentle as a dove’ – The attacks upon the City of Jerusalem are near – Pray for Pope Benedict, for his Calling to the Promised Land is near – A Bishop will be elected who will be in hiding, who will suffer for My Church; he is no other than Our Little Pebble of Divine Love.

WILLIAM: Jesus came with St Michael, St Gabriel and St Barachiel. I saw Jesus come through the White Cross:

OUR LORD: “I greet you, My beloved son, most pleasing to My Sacred Heart, which is aflame for you and the Children of the Light.”

WILLIAM: The Angels are waiting with great enthusiasm. Jesus sends four (4) crosses all aglow around me. He says they are His protection for me, as I am going on a very special Mission to protect God’s children.

Jesus now speaks:

OUR LORD: “I greet you, My beloved son and I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“You are My Angel of Consolation – you will understand its meaning very shortly. Do not worry about what has happened to you in the past month, as this cross has been sent to you to strengthen you. The cross We sent you is to purify you and perfect you, for you have been raised to a higher calling to prepare you for your rise to the Papacy, as the Peter who is on the Throne is not as he seems, for you know that he is not the Chosen Abraham who is designated to rule My Church upon Earth, but the False Eagle, who must lead My Church into the desert. But when he has done that, he will be removed and you will then rule, not as it would seem, but My Children of the Light will be inspired as to how I wish My Pure Church to survive, as the Antichrist will then rule and destroy much of what We of Heaven have desired for these end of days.”

“As God will place certain souls in the Church, to guide the Church in these difficult times, but you, My Chosen Prophet, will be the cause of the many great changes that will lift My House upon Earth to a glory that men will see, because of the sorrowing times. Be not troubled or afraid, My son, for I am preparing My children all over the world, so that they are prepared for the great changes, plus to prepare every moment of the days for My Second Coming.”

“My son, even though the enemy of God has made your road difficult he will not succeed, for I have promised you protection and the Grace to move forward to fulfill God’s Plan.”

“Let the people of the Philippines recognize My Divine Plan for this country, as I am preparing many to accept the role that I have placed you upon you, to guide My children to accept the Mission I have given you.”

“Be not afraid of the deluge that seems to come to your country, but know the wave and storm to your Nation is to prepare for the coming of My Vicar, so that he will be able to rule with an ‘iron rod’, but be as ‘gentle as a dove’. Pray for this, My children.”

“As for the people of the Middle East: Your time is coming. The Antichrist will take the Land that is Mine for a while, so be prepared, for the attacks upon the City of Jerusalem are near. Prepare yourselves, for the end time is near. Soon the Antichrist will appear and all havoc will descend.”

“I love you, My children. I will leave the rest of My Message to be given by My Most Holy Mother, as She is the main director of you, My little son. So not worry because your dominion is near – and woe to any man who opposes you, for God and Mary are your protection always.”

“Take courage, My holy son and trust in Our Divine Protection, for soon all will see the Hand of God in all that I do. I love you immensely and place My Protective Army around you. The three (3) Archangels that I have brought with Me are your Protectors. Pray to them often and know that I am always with you. You will receive a Divine Protection always and call on them all, for they love you.”

“You will grow into a spiritual Light and no one can ever harm you, for you have now gone on to the second part of your Mission. Trust and have faith, My beloved son. Your illness will be removed, as every day you will improve into a lighter Light. I give your wife and close friends My Paternal Blessings. Don’t be afraid, for everything will be fulfilled. Do not worry, because We of Heaven love you. I Bless you and place a special Blessing of Protection upon you and all those you love: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen +++”

WILLIAM: “Jesus then blessed me and spoke a little and left.


OUR LADY: “I greet you precious son! I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

“Be not afraid, My son, for I am Our Lady of Divine Light. I come today to reassure you that I have chosen you to lead My Children of the Light. I have come to console you and to reassure you that you are chosen by Me, your Loving Mother.”

WILLIAM: Our Lady came out of the Cross all in white, glowing in all Glory.

OUR LADY: “Be not afraid, dear son of Light, because I have come to support you and help you to carry your cross, so that We will be able to bring victory and peace to Our children who are going through various sufferings for the Church. I have come as Our Lady of the Light and I have come to succour you, to strengthen you for the second part of your Mission and that is to rule the Church during its final suffering, which is the final victory over the Antichrist and his horde of followers. But we pray that even those who have fallen away, will still be given the extraordinary Grace to see the Truth.”

WILLIAM: Our Lady is all in white. She has on, a Crown, but it is all pure white. She has only the white clothes, but does not have the Crown of Fatima. She has the beautiful Crown of Twelve Stars, which shine so beautifully.

St Michael, St Barachiel and St Gabriel are with Our Lady. She holds a beautiful star – it glows very much. She holds it tight.

OUR LADY: “My beloved son, I have come to assist Our children in the coming days, to help them, to make them strong and to know I, their Mother, am always with them, especially in the last years of their redemption, for it will not be long before the Anti-Pope will fall – and it will not be long before the Antichrist falls to his bitter end.”

“However, My children, the road ahead will be rough as you have never experienced in your loves. It is therefore imperative to take up your Missions in life and get ready for the long battle that will rage, until My Divine Son, Jesus, returns to Earth in His Glory, to take over the Antichrist and closes the doors of the Eternal Flame.”

“Take courage, My beloved son, for you will have to face the Antichrist and overcome him with your beads of prayer – My Holy Rosary of Love.”

“The Reign of the Antichrist is near its completion – men must not fear but trust in the love of My Divine Son, Jesus and His Mother, for They have the Power to dismantle him and will do all in its time.”

“It has now come to pass that the Antichrist be known and his Anti-Pope – who at the moment has fooled mankind into believing that the Pope has manipulated the Church and mankind – making them believe he is speaking the truth, but shortly he will make some serious errors, which will make the faithful aware of his faults.”

“My children are being prepared for the events to unfold, which will clearly show how the Church of My Divine Son, Jesus Christ, has misled most of humanity. The Antichrist of Francis will expose the evil in the Church, to warn the people of God of the atrocities which await mankind.”

“O children of My Divine Son, Jesus, I cry so many tears as I look upon a very sick Church and most of the children of God do not see it. I am a Mother of Great Sorrow, as I see mankind disobey the thousands of Messages given to Holy Mother Church over the past one-hundred (100) years, as the Words given at Fatima are being fulfilled.”

“The world is in great danger as time moves on, but I still have faith in the small Remnant of the Church who still believe. Trust in My Words, dear children, and carry your crosses, as the cross will only get heavier as time is running out for mankind. The suffering will continue, until the Great Warning will come to the world, which is very near to the world now. So pray, My beloved Remnant Church.”

“Pray for Pope Benedict, for his Calling to the Promised Land is near. Pray for Holy Mother Church, for it will be empty without its Leader, even though a Bishop will be elected who will be in hiding, who will suffer for My Church upon Earth, he is no other than Our Little Pebble of Divine Love – the Mystic Pope of whom you do not fully realize. But when he is removed at the Great Warning to enter Heaven and return – you will know of the Prophecy relating to Our son – but in the meantime, he will continue as always, until it is time for him to be removed for a very short time, so that he will be remade into the glorious resurrection, as Peter II, for the end times. But be not afraid, for he will know what to do when the time comes, but know this, he is Our faithful son who obeys the Kingdom of Heaven. In the meantime, he has a very important Mission. Since his small attack of the heart, he was called to raise his life higher to the calling he is about to achieve.”

“All that My little son does, is for the Glory of God and the Gift I hold in My Hands is for him. So, My precious son, continue on your journey. Many followers will now come forward and assist you to fulfill the Divine Calling. I love you, William, son of the Most High and thank you for your commitment.”

“The Philippines must now call on God to bring Our son to the Land, in which the final part of the Church will be born, to raise the flag to the New Holy Era. My people of the Philippines must pray so that God’s Will, will be fulfilled, trusting in God’s Glory. The New Vatican will be established in the Philippines where the temperature will be adjusted for the little Pebble, so that Jesus’ Kingdom will be fulfilled.”

“But it all depends on faith, My children, because the Philippines is only a part of God’s Plan – France and Germany are the other two Nations and several more. Trust in God’s Word, My holy son and know God has everything in hand.”

“Soon, you will be met by other Nations who believe in God’s Word and will fulfill it, even though there will be many obstacles – but through My Maternal Love and the Holy Angels and Saints, God’s Will, will be done.”

“I love you, William and thank you for your great faith. Know this – you are the Hand of God who will one day crush the work of Satan and his goons. Trust in Jesus and trust in Me, your Heavenly Mother, Who has never left your side. Trust in Divine Providence, for God’s Holy Will will be done.”

“I love you, sweet child – and know that every member of your family and those close to you, will believe and become the Lords of God’s Holy Mission, but this will not occur until they see the Divine Light – but this is close by. My children, you must pray and pray, as the preparation for the Warning is very near.”

“My holy son, I love you. Take heart and know that your Holy Mother loves you and gives you a special kiss for today and always.

Your Divine Mother of Love.”

“I Bless you and your Angels Bless you, son of Divine Love and Light: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. +++”

WILLIAM: Our Lady Blesses us and gives me the cross, placing it deep in my heart.

OUR LADY: “This will remain always with you.”