Message to Yellow Lily – 22 September 2018


YELLOW LILY: Our Lord has come. He has been here for a while actually – all through the Mass – all through the Rosary – all through the Benediction and Adoration. He stands in His usual spot in front of the Holy Altar. Our lord is dressed wholly in white – beautiful white – brilliant white, like a blue-white. He is very tall. Our Blessed Lord has on the same Vestments as the Bishop. Our Blessed Lord says:

OUR LORD: “Holy Bishop!”

YELLOW LILY: And He wears a white Scapular – it is plain with a single white cross on the front. Our Blessed Lord has His Head down and bowed and looking up and bowed and looking up, intermittently, through this time. Our Lord has His Head bowed now and steps forward. His Hands are raised out – Palms out. He raises His Head and Our Blessed Lord speaks: (He is speaking to the Eternal Father)

OUR LORD: “Little ones: Thank you for coming! Do You see, Father?

YELLOW LILY: Our lord’s Eyes are raised to Heaven and says, looking up:

OUR LORD: “See Father, these ones who have joined us – do you see all of them?

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord is smiling.

OUR LORD: “Yes I know You see them Father and with Me We Bless them and their generations – their generations now – their generations to come – We Bless their past generations – those generations that have bought them to Us. We thank them for coming and We also Praise Divine Providence with them for their coming. All Praise to God the Father! In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord looks down now to each of us. O, what a pleasant smile Our Lord has on His Face – just like a five year old. Our Blessed Lord while being Mighty is as a little Boy; while being the Saviour, is a Brother; while being a Priest, is the Father.

OUR LORD: “My little ones: Jesus comes to you light of Heart. Be light of heart and thank the Father for the revelations that have presented themselves to the Church in America and throughout the world.

YELLOW LILY: Jesus’ Face grows dark for a moment.

OUR LORD: “It is curious, but not curious, that the Canadian Church is silent – not because it is less indictable, but because it is more crushed by rocks from Hell. It is more crushed by the spirit of an indecisive ‘Pilate’ – it is crushed by a political ‘Pilate’ – and the Bishops are more unified in this. I tell you truly, the Church in America and in other places where it is more revealed, is in a better place. Do not presume because of the silence across the country here – because of the Dioceses’ silence – that it is in a better place. It is not.”

“We pray for those Churches throughout the world who have been silent – who are silent. We pray for those Prelates who have been silent, not because there is less trouble, but because there is more cover. Jesus tells you truly with a Finger up.”

YELLOW LILY: His right Hand is up.

OUR LORD: “Those Bishops – those Archbishops: Do you hear Me? Are in greater trouble. So pray without ceasing for the Canadian Church, for the Australian Church, for the British Church – for the Churches all over the world, where so little has been said, because it is better covered up. Thomas, do you hear Me? Do you hear Me?”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord lowers His Head but His Eyes are closed. Our Lord is praying.

OUR LORD: “I tell you truly, the Charbelite Bishops, I have created in Canada; the Charbelite Bishops and Elders I have created in this country and all over the world, will far exceed the present ones who now hold the Office in more public ways.”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord raises His Head, smiling again and steps forward.

OUR LORD: “Thank you for honouring the Precious Mother of Sorrows.

YELLOW LILY: In a special way Our Lord bows His Head briefly – nods His Head – to Sister and to all souls, for this remembering. It is not often done.

OUR LORD: “This exercise will be raised in a more regular way in homes and publicly, in the time to come. I want all of you to know whatever troubles you are going through, I am reminding you, they are for My purpose. I’m bringing out the best of you through them. Carry your slivers well and continue to raise your voices.”

“I ask you please, rather than lament present circumstances, give thanks for them, possess joy for them, in your heart of hearts, possess joy. What does it mean in your heart of hearts? Do not take it back again; whatever is bothering you, release it; release it so that you can possess joy and fullness.”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord opens His Arms up with His Palms out with His Head bowed.

OUR LORD: “That means possessing Me! Possessing Me! Do not allow Our Communion, Our time together, Our intimacy to be interrupted; this is only interrupted when you do not allow things that bother you – laments, little sufferings – to be Mine, to come to Me, because you cannot handle them, My little ones. Only your big Brother, Jesus, can handle them. Remember, I am your big Brother Who takes such good care of you – prodigious care of you – because I have a Plan for all of you.

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord looks out and looks up.

OUR LORD: “You know what that Plan is? It is the New Jerusalem, which all of you shall see. What a Kingdom it is! What a Kingdom it will be! What a Kingdom now, because of how we have been brought low. Do you know, as the such on Earth is brought low, the New Jerusalem is lowered; it’s lowered and lowered and lowered to touch each one of you. And Jesus has a special assignment – notice My Finger is up again. When you hear of things that are happening in the Vatican and what Francis is and is not doing, for I tell you truly, the man is pulling the flowers out by their root. The garden shall be in ruins. He is making plans and doing things that are wholly and fully against Me and offend My Heart in indescribable ways, because they are to his destruction. For I tell you, I will remove the Earth’ I will remove My Capitals – My Capital, My main one – I shall remove My Rome in a new place. All that I want is Mine and cannot be removed from Me.”

“So, My little ones, here is your assignment: When we hear about the Cardinals – these Archbishops – these men in their red caps, these red coats; all red on the outside and filth on the inside – either because they have committed acts they don’t want to admit to, or they abdicate their responsibility; do not show courage and do not show penance. Pray for them; pray entirely for them. I tell you truly, because I know I can, because you know Jesus cannot bear this burden by Himself.”

“These souls that you are watching, that you can see that have been brought forward, are in risk of eternal damnation. So while we watch with some satisfaction, as things are being brought forward, you must pray for those in peril – and they are in peril. As Francis grabs hold of the reins and his plans set his feet on a river of coals, My dears you may know, the man is sunk past his knees, nearly to his waist, because of his silence; because of his indifference. Nay, it is not indifference – it is indifference to the opinion of the laity, but it is complicity, complete complicity. He is not doing anything because he does not want to offend the votes that got him into the seat in the first place. There was no vote when he was brought to power, it was a political takeover, something entirely different.”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord is very sad, but Our Lord is speaking with Authority.

OUR LORD: “Let them do what they must!”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord’s Eyes are closed.

OUR LORD: “It will only happen for a time and, as it happens now, I tell you truly, My Bride is being raised from the ashes. She is being raised as human men and given over souls are brought lower and lower and lower. I tell you truly, as is your power and is your obligation as My little ones, My obedience, to pray for their souls.”

YELLOW LILY: And Our Lord pauses in sadness.

OUR LORD: “We do not want any souls to go to Hell.”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord chokes back a sob. Our Lord staggers – he staggers. He goes to the left; he steps back again where he was. He recomposes – He recomposes by saying the word: “Mother!” Our Lord looks up:

OUR LORD: “We possess joy because we know who the True Peter is. So we pray for our Peter – the True Peter – who knows My Plans – is fully complicit – is fully loving of these Plans and We are unafraid.”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord looks right up to Heaven.

OUR LORD: “Father, thank You for My little ones – My little, little ones – who join their souls together in such a great Chapel as this.”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord looks out:

OUR LORD: “Tanja I tell you truly, you have saved not only your house – you have saved not only your street – you have saved not only your town – you have saved not only your province – you have saved not only your country, by this small act, which is not small.

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord winks. He says, with a Finger up – teasingly:

OUR LORD: “I have big plans for you, My dear – I have big plans for all of you, for this joy, because you give your Jesus joy and more.”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord raises His Hands to Heaven:

OUR LORD: “You give your Father, joy!”

“Your Pebble is resting, but he is being prepared. Things are moved at a quickening pace.”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord bows His Head, takes a pause – Head up:

OUR LORD: “I will speak now on the coming Three Days of Darkness. I am going to give you specific directions. Listen to Me and be not afraid, for all of you will possess joy again. We’ll have such intimacy as cannot be imagined. Do not be afraid. It shall be great indeed. Cover your Jesus’ Face with kisses; cover your crosses with kisses in thanksgiving of this Plan of God. Be not afraid!”

“At the same time, My dears, you will get now together – together now – at this time now what you need to protect your homes. It doesn’t have to be complicated and it doesn’t have to be expensive. We will gather the materials – you will choose.”

YELLOW LILY: And Our Lord is looking around from the Bishop onward.

OUR LORD: What you need to protect your Churches – your homes. They are your Churches. And now for three (3) days – for three (3) days – you will keep things separate – separate. Jesus tells you, you will create a Schedule of Prayer, for those three (3) days, because, My dears, this Schedule will allow you to keep calm and keep order when it will be difficult to do so. So you will create – you will list – you will write down – you will record somehow; you will make a list of the prayers you will do, all of them and once you go through your list, you will repeat that list as long as you need to, as long as the Three Days are happening. Be not afraid! Be not afraid! The Angels shall cover your homes, they shall cover the homes of your families.”

“Jesus Promises. I will take care of your loved ones. You will speak to neighbours and We pray they will listen as the time grows close. But as you are in the know; as you are part of that very select group, who is alert, who has their lamps with oil, you shall be wholly protected. All your little ones, wholly protected. I have given you a specific instruction and Jesus tells you gently, during those days, as you cannot imagine, there will be great noises that you will not be able to block out, except with prayer. It will lessen the screams; there will be screams.”

“Jesus tells you truly: Let Me take you back to the first Passover. Do we know – do we imagine that to be a pleasant night? I tell you truly, it was not. The air was filled with noises, screams, wailing mothers, wailing people, children crying. There was death. The Three Days will be like this too. There will be much destruction and much death. People will knock at the windows; people will knock at the doors. Demons will knock at the windows, they will knock at the doors. It does not matter; it does not matter, because your voices will be as music and the Angels shall joint you and many of you will see the Angels and hear the Angels that night. Be not afraid!”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord is speaking so tenderly – so softly.

OLUR LORD: “Be not afraid! I have given much here – I will give more. I love you all. I Bless those that cannot join us. With you We say: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

YELLOW LILY: Bishop, please stand up and stand right in front. Our Lord wishes your Apostolic Blessing please:

BISHOP JOHN PAUL: “So that you may reach the level of sanctity that Our Lord wants for you in this life: Benedicat vos omnipotens Deus: Pater et Filius et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.

YELLOW LILY: Our Blessed Lord kisses your head.

OUR LORD: “I love you all. Thank you.”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord blows kisses.

Pray for the Little Pebble – Pray for the Little Pebble and then Our Lord says:

OUR LORD: “… We are Victorious!”