Message 771 – 13 October 2018


NO. 771

Events of the Sun will bring forward much heat and contamination – The hundred (100) years that I gave to Satan to tempt mankind, are up – The Antichrist is well in charge of most of God’s children – Pray for the Middle East, where Nation will go against Nation; Kingdom against Kingdom – where Israel, My home, will be massacred – My Vicar is Pope Benedict – You have allowed an Antipope to reign in the Chair of Peter – My new Peter – and the Last – will be found in another Land, where I will nurture him.

WILLIAM: I see Jesus coming with thousands of Angels – the White Cross shines behind Him. Jesus tells me not to be afraid as many Angels are around me. Jesus Blesses me and greets me and again tells me not to be afraid. He makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Listen, My beloved son of My Sacred Heart: Today I come to counsel all of My faithful children on the Feast of My Visitation of the Great Miracle that I performed on the Feast of the 13th October, many years ago.”

“My children, be not afraid of the events that are coming upon the world and My Church upon Earth, for you know that all events must come to pass, so that My Triumph will be noticed upon all generations. My precious child, events are coming to the world which will surpass all the events from [all] time, as you are entering the Great Tribulation, but be not afraid, for I and My Most Holy Mother are always with you.”

“You will see the world go into much danger – first, with the events of the Sun, which will bring forward much heat and contamination. This is to correct those who think otherwise, as man continues to lose heart and mind towards all that is holy.”

“How I suffer because men do not come to Our Hearts, but leave Us behind and seek the weakness of mankind, to do their bidding. But I call My children over and over again to come to Us. Do not be afraid, because I am a God of Forgiveness and Compassion and only seek their salvation. Pray, My children, for you will see many changes coming into the world, which has forgotten it’s God.”

“Children of My Most Sacred Heart, you know that the hundred (100) years are up that I gave to Satan, when he asked for more time to allow him to tempt mankind. I gave him one hundred (100) years – which is now up – so now he realizes it, that I will not give into his clutches, but have come to rescue My children, to bring them home to salvation.”

“Hear My Words that I give to you and have given My children through countless Apparitions throughout the world. My Mercy has been given to all Our children and it is time that My children respond. My children, My children, hear My call, as I call all children to respond to their God. It is time for Our children to respond to the call of God.”

“The world does not know it, but the Antichrist is well in charge of most of God’s children and mankind has not seen it or felt it, but mankind does not hear God calling, because mankind has gone astray. They believe all is well, in spite of the fact that the world is in great danger of falling into the hands of the enemy of God and that is Lucifer – the Antichrist – allowing him to rule the hearts of Our children, through thousands of temptations covering the Earth.”

“Listen children: Do not be persuaded by the influence of the evil ones, for they only wish to enslave you and hold you forever in the Kingdom of Darkness. Be not afraid, for I have come with My Most Holy Mother and millions of Angels, to rescue you. Pray with Me and My Most Holy Mother, the ‘Our Father’, for He will come in great swiftness to console you and to protect you from the evil one. The hour has struck, My beautiful children, where I and My Most Holy Mother will come and rescue you. Call on Us – we are waiting for your call.”

“Pray for the Middle East, for huge problems will occur there, where Nation will go against Nation; Kingdom against Kingdom – where Israel, My home, will be massacred; where the Antichrist will appear and bring peace. But before this happens, many of My homeland people will be taken and a false peace will be given it, until I come and restore all the Promised Land.”

“My people of Jerusalem, how long I have waited to hear your call, but first you must accept the evil one before you come to Me. O Jerusalem! O Jerusalem! Pray for My people, dear souls that love Jesus.”

“The time has come for the Nation to be scourged and purified – then I will come and rescue it. The people have been warned. I will send you there in the near future, My son, to help the faithful to join the Army of God. Trust in My Care and Love of My people.”

“Pray, dear children of the Middle East, for much destruction is coming from the Land of Lebanon and the hidden, but dark races – for a City will soon be brought into ashes. Know this is a warning to the world.”

“As for the countries of NATO: Know that your time is coming where your Nations will be annihilated, for the United Nations will be drawn into a war, caused by the ‘Bear’, who now believes it is free and ready to take over the countries of Europe, but forget not that I, the Sovereign of many Nations, will only allow this to be for a short time, as many Nations hold the Holy Places of Our Kingdom, which will triumph over every evil and the power of the Antichrist.”

“Pray My children of Europe, because the hour has come where what you stand for must be opened up, so that mankind can see and make their decision.”

“Pray My children for France, because I have Promised France a renewal in Faith and I have Promised that the French Monarchy will come with the help of Our Little Pebble of Divine Love, who will hold the Holy Power, which has been entrusted to him. It will not be so long to wait.”

“Rome, O Rome: What have you done with yourself? You have given over the Holy Land of Peter to an Imposter and still you do not see it. My Vicar is Pope Benedict, but I will be coming soon for him, as the time is right. Rome, what have you done? You have betrayed the Truth by electing a weak Pontiff. You have allowed an Antipope to reign in the Chair of Peter. You still do not see it, but the fruit that now comes from Rome is empty. You have allowed apostasy; you have allowed corruption and division. Satan has entered the Seat of Peter and corruption and wrong teaching has accumulated, to take over.”

“The Seat of Peter and Rome will bring forth division upon division, where men will not be able to discern the House of God any longer. Rome will be destroyed, not only from its teaching, but the City of Rome will be destroyed, because mankind has sullied its foundation and the Seat of Peter will lay empty, very soon and deviation will rule Holy Mother Church.”

“But I tell you most solemnly, I will have moved the Seat of Peter to another land, until the desolation has been swallowed up and My new Peter – and the Last – will be found in another Land, where I will nurture him.”

“Trust in the Plan of God, My children, for God knows what is needed in the world and in the Church.”

“My beloved children of My Sacred Heart: Prepare yourselves well. Pray and do offerings to God. Do reparations from every corner of your Nations, because God sees all and knows all – and fear not, for I am a Loving and Merciful God, Who loves His children.”

“And to My children of the Middle East: Your Nations will be purified and much suffering will come to your Nations through China and some neighbouring countries.”

“China will start a war, which will start very soon. It is building up its Nation and will force itself upon Taiwan and the surrounding countries, but the main Nation that will be in trouble will be the U.S.A., because China has great designs upon this region. People of all Nations better watch carefully the moves of China.”

“To the Nation Australia, which believes it is far away from China and other Nations – be afraid, because China has its eyes on you and your country is at risk of being invaded. Many changes will come to your Nation, because it has forgotten to look upon its Creator and has lost its path towards what is good. Pray hard, Australia, because your country is going to be invaded, because men have lost their faith and their way.”

“As for the countries of Argentina and other Nations of South America: You have been blessed with much, but you forget to thank God, and, because of this, you will be ransacked and Nations will come and take away what you had. Therefore, pray to My Most Holy Mother that mercy is given to you.”

“As you can see, My holy son, I am very sad that mankind has not listened to Our Calling. I tell you most solemnly, as day follows night, mankind is in for many great chastisements in the coming year. And as for you, My holy son, you will move to the Sacred Grounds to uplift the hearts of the people.”

“Your life will change, My son, as you will be prepared for your role as the Silent Vicar of Christ, but you will mix with millions of souls, leading My Church upon Earth and many, many Seers will come to you, as you seek to bring unity and peace upon Holy Mother Church – and millions and millions will follow you, as you will prepare the Mystical Church to defeat the Antichrist and his followers. You are to know, you are the ‘Rod’ that will eventually overcome the beast and his followers.”

“My son, you will make way for the French Monarch to reign and help the Militant Church upon Earth. My beloved son, be not afraid, for your strength will be given you within the next months to come. Be not afraid, for Jesus and your Holy Mother, Mary, will be assigned to you, so that you will receive the Grace and the strength to follow Their instructions. Be at peace, My beloved Peter, the ‘Rod’ of Our Hearts and trust in Our Calling, for much will change in a few short moments.”

“I Love you, My Holy son and Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. (three times) Always look to Our Hearts, which love you very much.”

“Now I will answer all your personal questions. Know this, My holy son, Lebanon is very important to you; you will understand very soon. You will receive many more revelations in the coming months. Trust in Our care for you. I Bless you, My son, the ‘Rock’ of Divine Truth: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: There are millions of Angels standing next to Our Lord and behind Him. There are hundreds of Angels standing around me. Then Jesus said that He had a surprise …

OUR LORD: “You too, have received two Angels today from the Chair of Fatima – St Andorticus and St Aquilarious.”

WILLIAM: The Angels are sighing and waving. Our Lord thanked me for being attentive. He said He was returning to Heaven for a little while; that I would receive many Messages. He Blessed me:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”