Message 772 – 27 October 2018


NO. 772

The Sacred Heart of Jesus is Weeping with great sorrow – Soon you will witness the full fury of the Sign of the Red Cross – I seek the whole Church to do penance to retrieve those loved ones left in Purgatory to fill the Armies of Heaven – Many children seek the world and do not care about Me or the Kingdom Come – The time is ripe for the enemy of God to succeed, for the events are near – An event will soon happen where the stars will be noticed of shifting places; an asteroid will enter the world atmosphere.

WILLIAM: It is 4 minutes to 3 pm. I see the Heavens open and the White Cross seems to be shining very bright. I see a row of beautiful Angels forming a long line from the Cross – they are Seraphim Angels. Now I see multitudes of them; they form a white line from the Cross to my home. I see Jesus also in pure white, but He has a golden sash across His Chest. He smiles and is now standing in my room.

OUR LORD: “I Bless you, My son: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: I see a White Cross in the distance and a Red Cross on the other side. The Lord is very beautiful and smiles. He says:

OUR LORD: “See the Crosses, My son? Soon you will witness the full fury of the sign of the Red Cross, as it will be given to the world, which is in need of it. Be not afraid, My cherished son, but behold the events of the End Time has come upon you – a world that has forgotten about God and all He has done to the world to save it.”

“See My Sacred Heart, which has loved the world so much and mankind just continues on its way, forgetting all that I have done for them. Oh how much sorrow I have in My Heart!”

WILLIAM: Jesus shows me His Sacred Heart – It looks like it is weeping with great sorrow, as the Heart looks so very much wounded. I look at Jesus and ask Him if I could just succour the Heart to keep It warm?

OUR LORD: “My beloved son of My Immaculate Mother: I offer you My Sacred Heart to keep It warm and to make reparation to God the Eternal Father for all the sins of mankind. Oh Son!”

“My beloved children of the world: Soon it is the month of My Heart, as I desire millions of souls removed from the suffering of the cross for those detained in Purgatory. I seek the whole Church to do penance, to retrieve these loved ones left in Purgatory. It is very important now, more than ever, to seek the help of those kept in Purgatory, to fill the Armies of Heaven, for the Battle will begin now for the salvation of the whole world, if possible, so that Satan will be crushed.”

“I call on all of God’s children to hear My Calling. Pray, pray, pray, My children, for the enemy of God is going to ensnare Our children before the Great Day of the Lord, but you, My children, can prevent this. I call all children of God, especially those called to do great things. It is time for Our children to wake up and look eternity in the eye and claim their right to it.”

“My beloved son: I look at the world and see so much disbelief and disenchantment, but what can I do? I offer and give counsel and sacrifices and many souls have offered themselves to Me, asking Me to forgive them and ask if they can offer themselves up for Me and the world. This I have accepted and these children will receive a great reward, but, My son, so many children seek the world and do not care about Me or the Kingdom Come. As you can see, My son, I have brought with Me millions and millions of Angels to come with Me and rescue My fallen children and the sacrifices My sweet children had given me to rescue these children, will be useful, but sadly, so many children have placed aside their salvation and seek the pleasures of the world.”

“My beloved son, soon I will be placing you on a journey of great importance. It will assist you at your coming enthronement of your life, because I have changed much of your journey, so that the world will be prepared for My Second Coming. You will meet some very important personages to help in the journey that I have prepared for you.”

“Do not worry about forgetting things. I have allowed this so the enemy cannot read what you are doing. Do not be afraid, for I have sent you My Spirit, which will govern you and bring you into the Light of Our Spirit. Trust in My Most Sacred Heart, dear son.”

“To the people of the Middle East: Do not think that I have forgotten you, because everything that you are doing is known unto Me and nothing will be hidden. Russia – O Russia: Do not believe that you are hidden from the Lord, for I know what you are doing in working with those who are ready to betray Me. Remove yourself from this, because you will find yourself on the other side of Truth. Know that I see all. As for the people of the West: Be prepared, for soon the tyrant will show himself for what he is, for he desires to win the hearts of the people through manoeuvres, that will win their hearts, but will take them away from the Truth.”

Egypt and Libya and Syria and other Nations, do not believe in the plans of the Evil One, who is the Mark of the Beast. Iran, be watchful, because the tyrant is wanting to take hold of you, as you are being prepared to invade Israel.”

“To the people of Turkey: do not listen to those who are ready to take you away from the Lord, because Turkey is a vital country to take over the Seat of Israel.”

“To My Jewish brethren: Be watchful, for the enemy of God is within your walls and will soon take your nation captive, because Israel will soon give way to the False Messiah, to allow the enemy to enter and take over.”

“To the people of Europe: You truly believe that peace has come to your nations, but soon it will topple as Russia will enter, taking over the Northern States and then will invade Germany and other nations of the United Europe, because the Ten Kingdoms of the world will come forth from the conflict that will come upon Europe. Pray, My children, pray, so that the enemy will not succeed in all things.”

“My children, you must pray now, more than ever, because the time is ripe for the enemy of God to succeed, for the events are near where all that God has said must be fulfilled.”

Rome – O Rome: Why have you chosen the wide road? Many people go to the Vatican, but do not realize what is happening, My children, My children: What must I do to convince you Rome will become the ego of God’s Wrath, but My children will not see it until it is too late. Pray, My children, pray that God will spark many children who go to Rome, but do not see the debauchery that has taken place. Francis, the usurper of God, will continue to mislead God’s children. Be aware of what takes some by surprise, for a change is coming which will open the eyes of those who are in the know – changes that are coming in the Liturgy which will open the door to all the abuses that are to prevail.”

“To the children of the Middle East: War is preparing the path for China to enter.”

“The Philippines must be wary of China’s plans, for China plans to invade the Philippines and all of South East Asia.”

“Pray, My children, as the enemy is ready to invade the free world. The monetary systems will soon collapse and make way for the New World Currency to be leashed upon the nations. Pray, dear children, pray, for much will change for the Earth very soon.”

Tsunamis and earthquakes and tidal waves will lash the land and the earth will split, leaving many people homeless. My children, pray very much, because the Warning is soon upon you. Watch and see! Keep an eye on the stars, because an event will soon happen where the stars will be noticed of shifting places, so that an asteroid will be seen and it will enter the world’s atmosphere.”

“My children, My children: I do not say these dreadful things to frighten you, but so that you know these events are very near. Next year will be a year of heavy trials for mankind, as the seven (7) years of desolation are near.”

“Pray My Most Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet, as these two prayers are very important at this time. I love you, My children and send to you at this time many, many Seraphs, for these Angels are sent to you to protect you from the power of the Evil One and his Fallen Angels. Be aware, My children, for great changes are coming to the world and unless you are protected by the Seraphim Angels, you will be tempted very much. Pray to the Seraphic Angels, as they hold great power before men.”

“I love you, sweet children and I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. (+++)

WILLIAM: The Seraphic Angels, which are many, hold in their hands a wonderful staff. When they Bless us with them, something like circular rings come from them and go over the souls. Jesus says:

OUR LORD: “One day you will understand then. You have seven (7) of them over your body now and each one has a power – they are there to protect everyone.”

WILLIAM: Jesus smiles – Jesus says to one of the Angels to place one of these Mystical Fire Rings over my head. Jesus says:

OUR LORD: “It will protect you from all harm.”

WILLIAM: I can now see the Rings around the White Cross – three (3) on each side of the White Cross and one (1) in the middle. My Ring of Fire starts from the Heart of Jesus to the top of my head.

OUR LORD: “You will understand later, My child.”

“Now listen to My Directions! My son, as I told you, you will be raised higher now. Fear not, as Light will be over you, so that you will understand what is to happen to you. You will be enlightened very much of the events to take place, as I am preparing you for your role. Be at peace.

WILLIAM: Thank you, My Lord and God! I love You, sweet Jesus!

OUR LORD: “Be at peace, My son. I love you and send you My Blessings and the Blessings of My Most Holy Mother. Peace be to you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. (+++)

WILLIAM: Jesus returns to Heaven as the Angels spread out on both sides – Jesus swiftly returns to Heaven.

The sash Jesus has on, He has given to me. It has beautiful embroidery.