Message 777 – 1 January 2019


NO. 777

Feast of the Solemnity of the Mother of God

The Seven Great Chastisements is a sign the world will soon end – Mankind have but a few years left – France and Germany: The enemy of Christ has set his army of infiltrators amongst all within your land – China is the sleeping giant, waking and stirring up all the nations who have gone asleep – The Middle East is to flare up shortly [and] bring down My Homeland – Pray that the Vicar of Christ be strong enough to flee Rome, because it is near – Two volcanoes in Italy will soon blow their tops.

WILLIAM: At 2.45 pm, my Guardian Angel came to me and reminded me that today I was to have an Apparition of Jesus and Mary. I had forgotten, but as I was looking at the iPad it came to me – I have been praying since 2.45 pm the Mercy Chaplet, as I was asked.

The sky is all white and there are Angels forming a white road on the left side up to the Cross. I see very unique Angels – there are seven (7) of them holding something in their hands. They are the seven (7) Angels which hold the seven (7) Sorrows to be placed upon the Earth, but there are thousands of Angels all in white. Today is the third day where I have seen many, many Angels around me – large and small – they seem to be making a decision about me, but they have been together three (3) days. I do not know what to make of it. I can see them as I wish.

I now see Jesus and Mary come down – They are so beautiful. They glide down and Mary holds Her right Hand up to Our Lord, Who holds It. Both Jesus and Mary are with me and dressed very regally in white, with guard lines on the edge [each side]. There are eight (8) Angels with trumpets next to them, blowing their greeting.

OUR LORD: “I, Jesus Christ, with Mary the Mother of God, greet you, Our precious son of the Most High: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Welcome, My son, for the year of 2019 begins a year of great trial and great wonders of expectations. We greet you and Our beloved children for the New Year. Dear son of Our Hearts, We Bless you and greet you for the New Year.”

WILLIAM: Jesus speaks first.

OUR LORD: “You see the seven (7) Great Angels standing at the threshold of Heaven and Earth, waiting for My Command to release the Seven (7) Capital Punishments to Earth. I am ready now, because men have blocked their ears and their hearts to do the Will of God. I want all My children to read the book of the Apocalypse and see what it says about the seven (7) Angels. The Seven (7) Great Chastisements is a sign that the world will soon end and the new one will begin. Much is to transpire this year and the years to follow, as the end of time – as you know it – is coming upon this generation.”

“What does it mean, My children? It means that soon mankind will witness the Greatest Miracle of all time, where men will stand in awe at the wonder of God’s Holy Will.”

“Did I not tell you not long ago, that I would come within this generation? Well, dear children, what do you think that means? It means the world has one generation left before I, Jesus Christ, return to the world to claim it. My Spirit has spread throughout the land, giving each man, woman and child, the last warnings before I come as Supreme Judge, King and Ruler over all of humanity and Kingdoms – over what is good and what is bad. Mankind have but a few more years left until I come to Judge mankind. Therefore, sweet children, I am giving you a chance to redeem yourselves before the final curtain falls.”

“The seven (7) great Angels are waiting for My Command. This year, three (3) Great Angels will come to mête out God’s First Judgement to the world. I ask My children to pray earnestly, so that they will be strengthened and spared.”

“Today is a Great Feast for Holy Mother Church. It is good for mankind to remember the holiness and goodness of the Queen of Heaven and Earth. Remember, My Most Holy Mother is the Salvation of the world, through Her humble ‘Yes’.”

“To the people of France and Germany: many have welcomed the people that have come to your land from other nations that are in conflict, but you have allowed too many and some of these souls are very much in darkness and brought with them the worship of the Evil One. You did not protect the borders enough to prevent this. The rumblings have begun by creating disunity amongst the factions that display themselves – this will continue as the enemy of Christ has set his army of infiltrators amongst all within your land.”

“Pray, dear children, so that disunity will not continue and bring much sorrow to those nations; and My Italy, which is being infiltrated to be run over by the infiltrators – and from the North – who will invade the land and take over the Vatican. Pray, My sweet children, because the enemy of God’s children is very clever by misleading the leaders; many of them belong to the enemy of God.”

“The Great War – the Third World War – is at hand, because Russia, who still have not consecrated themselves to My Most Holy Mother, will continue to mislead and take over the free land, until they have consecrated themselves to Holy Mother the Church.”

“Pray, dear children, because many sorrows will come into the world, because it has forgotten its path – to all a God to cleanse them and protect them.”

“All nations celebrate New Year with fireworks, surrounded by many games and licentiousness, forgetting that God is their Ruler and King. But men have made the games of self-gratification their aim, not realizing that each day is another day of their lives and in most cases, Hell is the destination of many. Pray the Holy Rosary, My children.”

WILLIAM: Our Lady holds up the Rosary and Jesus smiles and says:

OUR LORD: “Yes dear children, it is most urgent.”

“The plans toward the moon will cause much devastation. My children should think of the needs of the Earth, because the world will be needed much in the coming years.”

“Many of Our children around the world, do not think any more of the influences of Satan nor of the Antichrist, because men have become weak. You see, dear children, while men go around thinking of various amusements, they forget that God is the Creator. Prayer is most important now – more than ever – because it is prayer that will give you light to see.”

“Time is moving fast towards the end, My children, as I desire My children to live with Me forever and the world needs to be cleansed and purified, so take up your beads of love and pray, so that this sacred time will pass swiftly, hopefully saving the whole Earth.”

Pray My children for China, as China is the sleeping giant who is waking and stirring up all the nations who have gone asleep. But know this, My children, many in China are slowly waking up to the truth, for My Sign will be manifested there, as many of My children [are] waiting for their salvation and I will send My ‘Pure White Rock’ to administer to them, as one of the Main Queens will come from there, who will bring My children to the Promised Land. And you, My son, will go over there to bring My people to the Promised Land. Pray, My son, because doors are going to open up very soon.”

“Pray dear children for Russia, as it has plans to conquer many nations. That is why the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is so important now.”

“Pray dear children, for the Middle East is to flare up shortly [and] bring down My Homeland, because the Antichrist is getting very anxious to make his plans come to pass.”

“Pray, pray sweet children now, more than ever, because the fulfilment of all the prophecies is about to take place. The Vatican is to be laid low very soon, as hidden acts will be performed, so that the Antichrist will be seated there to display the works of the Evil One.”

“Pray, My beloved children and, as for you, My beloved son William, your time is coming soon, so that you will be able to act and clear the path for the renewal of Holy Mother Church. Be strong and have faith, for I count on you. I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I will allow My most patient and Holy Mother to speak to you.”

WILLIAM: Our Lady steps forward and greets me:

OUR LADY: “My beloved son, William, I love you very much, My son and give you the Graces to continue to go forward in the Light of Christ.”

“My beloved child, I know the road I have placed you upon is very difficult and very complicated, because the Antichrist knows who you are and knows that you will vanquish him in time, as you are My ‘Instrument’ that is called to rule the Church and guide the people of God to the Promised Land. That is why it is difficult at times to fulfil and do as My Divine Son, Jesus, has asked you, but regardless of the power of the Antichrist, his power is but minute to Jesus, My Divine Son.”

“It is in Jesus’ Will that you go to China to lift up the people who will make the road clear for you to enter the Philippines, so pray for this as much is at stake. You will receive an opening that will make this happen.”

“My children, you must pray that the Vicar of Christ be strong enough to flee Rome, because it is near – for once the fighting begins in the Middle East, it will be near for him to leave Rome and then the Vatican will place the Communist Flag over the Vatican. Even when he flees Rome he must watch carefully as the enemy desires to remove his life in another country. Pray for Pope Benedict, My children, because everything is very near. The two volcanoes in Italy will soon blow their tops; it is not long after that, that Rome will be in a state of shock and Pope Benedict will be seen no more.”

“Pray, My children, pray – because many events are near, as 2019 will be one of great suffering for many people.”

“Pray for the U.S.A. because it will be purged, as a part of the U.S.A. will be removed and many people will perish. Pray for them, My son.”

“Pray for Asia, because the earthquake that was in Indonesia is not the last one, as a major one will be released very soon. Pray, My son and children, because this year will bring many chastisements.”

“As for Australia, you, My children, who continue to feel safe – you will be chastised and many will see what they have done to the Holy Grounds at Nowra. But God will protect the Sacred Grounds where the Chapel of All Apparitions stands and the Garden of Gethsemane. Pray, dear children, because many will cry bitter tears.”

“And for the Continent of Africa: you will be called to go there to clear the path for the truth and once again the followers will be in the millions, and you will establish the Order of St Charbel in the land and many people will follow the truth, as many nations will convert to the truth, but know this, My son and children, several countries will go to war, so please pray, dear son.”

“My beloved son, that is all I wish to say today. You will receive many visions this year, because this is the year of many victories and triumphs and you shall be free to move around as you will be free; and victories will come also for your finances to the surprise of many. Continue to go forward, My son and know that all We have given you will multiply soon, as men must come to know and believe that you are the Last Vicar for Holy Mother Church. You will have many wonderful surprises coming your way, very soon.”

“A very high ranking Official will approach you, as something of great significance will be offered to you. Trust and have faith, My son, because We of Heaven love you and remember, I am your Spouse and mostly, I am your Heavenly Mother. Take courage and know that I am always watching over you. Jesus, My Divine Son, is watching over you, for before the Warning comes to the Earth, Jesus will come and bring you up to Heaven for a short time and then back to Earth.”

WILLIAM: Our Lady walks over to me and plants a kiss on my heart.

OUR LADY: “I love you, My sweet son. Take courage and move forward.”

WILLIAM: Both Jesus and Mary send a kiss to me and make the Sign of the Cross. Both Jesus and Mary go towards Heaven:

OUR LORD & OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: Jesus says the Angels will stay around me.