Message to Yellow Lily – 21 January 2019


YELLOW LILY: My Dearest Jesus, Most Holy Mother,

I approach on behalf of your dearest friends! You know the weather was too bad for the group to meet but with united hearts always to you, we serve! The times are such, so difficult and trying for poor souls, but loving and clinging to our Lady’s Mantle tucked underneath as tight as we can! If it be your Sweet Will, please come and speak as best for us. WE LOVE YOU!

JESUS: “My friends! Do not be faint of heart, you are my true soldiers who continue in their duty and devotion most pleasing to God! How well you are prepared and your Jesus is by no means disappointed, I gathered up your holy offering of not being able to meet and with the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass still said, you were one, and this is the greatness of the Priesthood! Never forget My Holy and Apostolic Church, you are united one to one, so no one is left out except those who wish it in their perpetual sin and even then, the world is rewarded and reserved by so few for so many! My peace and thanks to you!”

“Again, Jesus comes to you in white as the Good Shepherd, because My Lambs know My Voice, indeed, remain attentive and long to hear it! Do not doubt My Love, for each one of you, as singular as protective and possessive to an infinite and burning degree!”

“You are not defeated, each one of you may picture yourself as the lamb carried gently on My shoulders across the tough terrain that is this time, but I know the steps to be taken, secure and unyielding towards our destination which is the equitable resurrection of the Church through an honest Papacy – free from scandal – with hungry orthodox men, who wish to serve Persona Christi. This time is not a far off time as we labour so close to re-birth; the breathing is difficult and the pain great. Be not afraid for I have you as long as you wish Me, I am with you forever! My eagles will always know where I Am found, having sharp eyes and a long vision.”

“The times are not what they seem and even as there is now a great uncovering of the darkness to the light, there are those who work to fight it! From the very depths of Hell these forces come. My Children, Jesus asks, do not tire of saying Our Lady’s Rosary, this is your best protection! O, My tired ones, I Am sorry so much falls to you, but so it is – where else is your Jesus to go? Where else does the poor Mother of God turn Her gaze to? Do you know how tired your Jesus was in his last year of Ministry on Earth – there was no rest for Me, as the noose tightened, there were very few rocks onto which your Jesus could rest His Head, with so many doubts! Prayer must be – is, our only solace. Do you believe your Jesus had to fight the very human feeling of doubt? I tell you! I knew as God, I, We, would never loose, but I had to seek the Father’s Voice, His Spirit; seek this too! Am I not human, expressing what everyone has to face? This is how close I am to you, always! Do not doubt, do not be afraid, as great victories are coming unprecedented in the changes they will enact, in the coming time; readying everything for My witness and return, where I shall hold all of you physically, close to My Breast and you will know the beating Heart that beats only for you, whom I love!”

“Let them bring their wars!” you say! Let them do what they must in an exercise of futility – this is nothing compared to the Power of God, which you know and will know with even greater realization, for we are My friends, unstoppable, moving toward the future even faster than evil men who bring war. You are on My Shoulders – so come!”

“There is nothing that the wars of men can do to prevent the victory of God – nothing to delay it! In deed pray your Rosary and advance My Coming, for I cannot resist you! More, your call to the Mother of God hastens Me, as Her prayer on the morning of My Resurrection! Little children, believe the beating call of Mary caused the greatest advance of Easter Morning! And too, the Mother of God, pleaded with God, surrounded by the doubts of men; help our Dear Mother plead for you, with you, Us!”

“Jesus is smiling – be smiling; Jesus is joyful – imitate Me for it is only the Evil one who wishes to overwhelm you! Pay attention to what your senses take in and your heart absorbs, this is a great clue to where you sit in Me and remember, sweet ones, what you take in I see and pay attention too! Are you not My friends? Of course you are! Have I not revealed to you the manna to be given to the Church so you are never hungry, revealed as Mary’s Plan? As the rest of the world struggles through the events of Revelation, you are safely brought across the great divide of time that are these events of the world and the victory of God; there is much living yet to do! Be hopeful, watching and working in love! Only love.”

“We are prudent in our efforts and ready! Unafraid, unafraid, unafraid and never overcome! Small victories are yet to be seen on the world stage – persevere. I hold you tightly to Myself and you will have all you need, in the great generosity of God.”

“Remain grateful – pray! I love you, Jesus!”

YELLOW LILY: Our Blessed Lord says thank you to me and all ends in great peace and overwhelming love!