Letter from William Costellia – 6 February 2019


MWOA Pty. Ltd.


Trading as: The Order of St Charbel Inc.

161B Koloona Drive, Tapitallee, 2541 N.S.W. Australia

Phone: +61244460263 Email: jwilliams@charbelites.org – Email: mbroussard@charbelites.org

6th February 2019

Dear Friends of the Mission of Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians,

I come to you today in great need!

As you know, since the beginning of the Mission in 1983, we have experienced tremendous opposition, yet we have continued on in spite of this. In the 1990’s we purchased the Holy Grounds for $380,000.00 through taking out a mortgage. Most people were not aware that I purchased it in my name, as no one was in a position to buy it. Since then I have been able to keep up the monthly payments of $2,700.00 per month.

Twelve months ago I asked for assistance from my friends, but unfortunately – due to heavy commitments and old age – no one came forward, except for a few souls who were generous enough to assist me, but only with limited donations. It was not long before the crunch came and we found it necessary to sell the property (161C) for $300,000.00 less than its value, which left us still with a substantial mortgage.

I wish to thank everyone who was able to assist in this loan, over the past thirty years. God will reward you one day and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now we have come to another more pressing dilemma: the Holy Grounds of St Charbel, (161B) occupied by the Community members, is under threat. The Shrine property (161C) “Holy Grounds” was recently sold: From early last year, 2018, we had a personal loan of $400,000.00, which we were able to maintain, until recently. We have paid off $160,000.00, but now the Lender will not refinance it, so we have a balance of $250,000.00. If we are unable to procure another loan in a very short time, we will have to go into liquidation. Therefore we are begging all of our faithful friends from around the world to assist us with a loan, which we will be able to repay within two years.

We have fifteen members living on the property – eleven members are over seventy; three members are sick and there are five young members. Most are pensioners.

We have had the property of the Order of St Charbel (161B) since 1989 – with no debt – until last year, as our need for finance was desperate.

We are seeking your kindness and generosity, please.

If anyone wishes to send a donation — to assist us with donation — this would be very much appreciated. Our banking details are as follows:

Account Name: The Order of St Charbel, Inc

Bank: Westpac Bank, 132 Junction Street, Nowra 2541, New South Wales, Australia.

BSB: 032691

Account: 119743

Swift Code: WPACAU2S

I remain God’s ‘Instrument’ and sincerely thank you.

Yours truly,


William John Costellia – Founder