9 DAY NOVENA – 10 February 2019

NINE (9) DAY NOVENA – 10 February 2019

Dear Souls of Our Lord and Our Lady,

A couple of days ago, one of our Promoters in the Philippines suggested that we begin a Novena of Prayer and Fasting for the intentions of the Little Pebble (William Costellia) as expressed in his letter – 6 February 2019. It is a very heart-felt letter from our brother and seer. See this link:


START: Sunday (10 February 2019): Begin 1st Day of Novena

END: Monday (18 February 2019): Finish 9th Day of Novena

PRAYERS TO SAY: Your choice and according to your ability.

FASTING: Your choice and to the degree that you think is OK for you.

Remember it is the Love in your heart to please God that gives merit to your offerings.


Most people will probably be praying extra Rosaries, or saying other Chaplets: like eg: The Flame of Love Chaplet; or Divine Mercy Chaplet, etc. Also the MDM Prayers are very special and appropriate to pray if you want.


Most people will choose the method and manner of fasting they prefer. No set method or manner. It can also be purely spiritual fasting — eg, your hidden actions in overcoming your predominant fault; or your hidden actions strenghtening your predominant virtue. No one is to see what you do, only your Lord.


For this Novena intention, please pray very much for Our Lady’s intervention regarding the Letter from William Costellia. For the Mother of God to bring forward the Graces to secure God’s Work — as Our Lady obtained Our Lord’s first Miracle at the Wedding Feast of Cana — may your prayers united with Our Lady bring forward the Graces needed for God’s Glory and the salvation of souls.


I will be offering my Mass each day of the Novena for this same intention and for the purpose of gathering up all of your intentions in this Novena to offer to Jesus through Mary in the Holy Mass. All Priests who are taking part in this Novena, please have this same intention in your Masses each day.

May Jesus Bless + you and Our Lady love you tenderly. Amen.

+Bishop Malcolm Broussard