Message to Yellow Lily – 16 March 2019


(Seer of Canada)

16th MARCH 2019

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YELLOW LILY: I watch Our Lord; I see him dressed – as Father is finishing giving his Blessing. Our Lord enters the right side of the room where the stairs are – coming across, slowly looking at everyone. His Head is bowed. Our Lord is dressed entirely in white with the cincture – Our Lord tells me – the white cincture knotted at the hip; exactly.

Our Lord stands in front of the Altar. He is very tall – very serene – and if I may say, He looks very strong; looks very strong. Our Lord listens to me talking – head bowed. There is a smile on His Face. My descriptions are amusing, I think and Our Lord is very happy we are all in this little Chapel. Together.

Our Lord is nodding as I am talking – that means I have it right. Our Lord has His Hands in front, as usual – His Fingers knit together at the front – very relaxed, calm – a beautiful repose. Our Lords takes a step forward, his Head up – He’s right in front if you follow the line right in front – “Right in front.” He says. Right in front of the embroidered cross on the cloth of the Altar. That’s where Our Lord stands – right there.

Our looks to me and says: “Perfect!” He looks to each one of us beginning with His Bishop on His left – to each soul slowly around the room; to each soul – spending time; spending time; spending time looking at the delightfulness of the house, of everything it possesses.

Our Lord Blesses everything with His Looks. “This house – this will be taken to the new time.” Our Lord doesn’t say that – I know that by His Look. Our lord nods. He bows His Head briefly again, taking another small step forward. He raises His Head; His Face is shining bright with a great big smile on His Face.

OUR LORD: “Thank you for coming, My little ones, for Jesus is very happy indeed. There is springtime in My Heart every time We meet.”

“I bring the greetings of your Little Pebble – the one We believe in so implicitly, so lovingly, so wonderfully, so mysteriously, so sacramentally. Yes We believe in him this way because those with the true faith – the true faith – that has Me in all My Parts in My Infinity – you believe in the Little Pebble; you believe in his victory.”

“My little children, We only need to look to the Vatican – to Rome – the hole that has become. To know how close is the true rise of the True Peter. It is true – God must scorch the Earth so nothing is left – not a blade is left from the mess we have faced, My little children:”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus bows His Head momentarily and He becomes very sad.

OUR LORD: “You must pray…

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord is shaking His Head back and forth.

OUR LORD: “… very hard indeed for all of Rome, but in particular for these Cardinals without heads – without hearts – without souls, who have given themselves over completely to Our enemy, who is Satan. He has won this ground briefly, but I will build a new Rome and I say this now so that him downstairs hears Me. I say this now for posterity. Down through the ages, Satan knows My Words. He will lose. Unfortunately, he takes many with him and this is why, My children, We are saddened; and this is why, My children …”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord raises His Finger a little bit – His right Fingers – right Hand up:

OUR LORD: “….. and this is why you must offer many, many sacrifices for these souls. You must offer many, many sacrifices, because I tell you truly, you fast, your offering, your sacrifice is the hair’s breadth that will prevent many from eternal hell fire. This …..

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord’s Finger is shaking again – His Head is bowed.

OUR LORD: “This is how important this is. I do not need or demand grand offerings – just the little things: one less cracker – one less cookie – one programme that we wish we could watch; a job we most – do not want to do, is done.”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord looks to me with a smile. Our Lord looks around to all the souls here again.

OUR LORD: “I am so proud of you. Believe Me when I tell you, you are no different to Me or My Mother, or Saint Joseph – indeed all the Hosts of Heaven; indeed all the Saints – your brothers and sisters, your fathers and mothers; so many of them in Heaven, who lead you. You are no different to Us and to God the Father – most especially – than the Shepherds who came and visited Me on the night of My Birth. Indeed all of you may picture yourself leaning into My Cradle – My Manger. You may picture yourself adjusting a blade of hay so that the little Child Jesus is not pricked. You may regard His Face with even greater clarity, touch the soft blankets that lay under Me – that lay on Me. You may breathe on the Child Jesus’ as He is freezing in the Stable. You may look and see the joy; look over to Mary and see Her Face – see Her Face shining, O Queen of Heaven.”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord is looking up; He is looking out – He is looking at something beyond this house. He looks to me to be recalling a very memory.

OUR LORD: “You may look and see Mary shining at you – Her Eyes shining because you are there; because you protect her little Baby; and look further into this place and you may even smell the animals and feel their breath. This is a meditation I am giving you.”

“See Saint Joseph as He stands trying to block the draft that enters from the door and with you, see the Shepherds as they come in with you. Smile at them. My children, this is who you are; this is how close you are to Heaven. This is how important your work is to Heaven. You are protecting innocent and this is what Our prayers do, because Our Church is and should be innocent; is everything immaculate and perfect; is everything poor. We are bright. We can see very well.”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord raises His Head up to Heaven – up to the ceiling. He looks to me to be looking at the Father.

OUR LORD: “This is who Peter II is. He is the Innocent Pope – he is the Immaculate Pope.”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord bows His Head and I watch as a Tear falls down His Cheek – left Cheek and He is facing me, so it would be His left Cheek; it would be the right Cheek I am facing.

OUR LORD: “My little children, We will be brought even lower, but I am happy.”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord raises His Head facing us again, looking to each one of us.

OUR LORD: “I am happy because these things are being uncovered.”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord looks towards me to clench both His Fists.

OUR LORD: “We are winning; We are revealing. It is indeed dark to light. There is much to be saddened over. There is much to complain about, but it is greater if you have joy, because joy quickens all these events. Joy helps us to be and appear to all, as fearless as We are. My little soldiers: let all these things come to pass and pray for your brothers and sisters in the Media and while working on their own, to reveal truth. They are with us too – they just are not as far as We are yet, because We know the Little Pebble – which is beyond telling in its might, in its knowledge and in its ability to bear the Cross – the full weight – with Me.”

“If you believe in the Little Pebble, unlike so many who stand with Us as We proceed with the Cross on Our Shoulders. If you believe in the Little Pebble you are indeed under with Me, My very Gibbet. You are with Me with the Mother of God and Jesus can forgive so many things because of this unity.”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus smiles a beautiful smile.

OUR LORD: “I can forgive so much with the unity one has with the Little Pebble, because you love – and when you love, (Our Lord puts His Hands like this) it is easy to forgive.”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord says:

OUR LORD: “Again I tell you: worry not of your family; worry not of events, but place yourself with Me – close to Me. I am with you with the Mother of God and with God Our Father.”

YELLOW LILY: And Jesus says one more thing:

OUR LORD: “Jesus wishes to clarify something and with this clarification comes further work. While God the Father recognizes each soul on Earth for who they are and the goodness within; while God the Father has permitted the variety of religions and languages and varying degrees of belief – (Our Lord’s Finger again is up) make no mistake. All you My little ones who know – there is no glory in all the world, in all the universe, in all of Heaven that exists when you are a Catholic – when you receive the Holy Eucharist – when you receive…. (Our Lord touches His Heart) Me. There is nothing like it. There is no privilege it can be compared to, because it is not understood on Earth, because this privilege will only be, and is only understood, when one meets God in their judgement, for their eternity. “

“Understand Me, Jesus is telling a secret here to this little group. Some of you already know. As there are levels in Purgatory, there are levels in Hell and there are levels in Heaven. It is by Grace alone that to live in eternity with God the Father…”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord is looking up to the ceiling. He is speaking with great might.

OUR LORD: “There is nothing that compares to beholding the Face of God the Father – to beholding God for all eternity. There is nothing compared to that – and so Jesus tells you: Yes, we must pray for the conversion of all to the Church, because this is the world; this is this time; this is the next time; this is all time. There is no glory that compares to receive the Blessed Sacrament, as you well know and there is no comparison to the honour a soul is given – to the privilege a soul is provided by looking at the Face of the Father, because there is no way to describe His Delight in this Victory.”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus smiles.

OUR LORD: “I have said it. So all know it – all will know it.

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord pauses.

OUR LORD: “We love all souls and We respect good people and We love good people – but the Truth is Truth and My Truth is Catholic. My Truth is the Blessed Sacrament. Nothing compares to It and I give It to you; We give It to you – Father, Son and Holy Ghost with the Great Mother of God – all One: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord looks to His Bishop – He smiles. Our Lord says with a smile:

OUR LORD: “Are you ready!. Come brother, come!”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord is drawing you to Himself with His Hands.

BISHOP JOHN PAUL: “Benedicat vos Omnipotens Deus, Pater, et Filius, et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.”