Messages to Little Daniel and White Rose of Lebanon – 2 March 2019


2 March 2019

LITTLE DANIEL: And now, our dear Mother, Mary the Immaculate, Mary the Most Sorrowful, is wanting to partake of a message to us. She is sorrowing greatly at this moment because one of Her sons (1) has [been] brought into a place of great injustice.

OUR LADY: “Since the last decade of the Glorious Mysteries where you thought about the great Coronation in Heaven, the great celebration a long time ago … and through the sweep of history over the many centuries, it has come to this: the last days are upon you, My children. The last days are here … and all that they represent. The great fight has begun and it has begun in earnest.”

“You see about you the Church, My Son’s Church, under great attack, here in Australia and in Rome, and in many, many other places throughout this poor world. It brings great sorrow to My Heart and I want you to know that I give you thanks for all of the many prayers that you are offering up in this little community of My Son’s Sacred Heart.”

“It is never easy to look upon the people of this dear earth – My Son’s Creation – to see how far it has fallen away from the Love of My Son. My Son still loves each and every one of you, but it hurts Him so much to see the disdain, the total lack of love, the disbelief. It is a sad time, but soon, because of your prayers – the prayers of you in this community and the other communities of St Charbel and other communities of different parts, of different Orders, who are still united to My Son’s Church … they pray earnestly, they pray with great hope in their hearts – all of you are but a part of the heel which will crush My enemy, your enemy, and most of all the enemy of our Great Father in Heaven Who created you out of love. And yet, this lack of love is now displayed in so many horrible ways in this earth.”

“Great sins are spreading and bring great sorrow to Heaven. All across the earth, there is a great turning away. This will go along a little while longer and because of the great grace that comes through your prayers, great grace earned for your Holy Mother to crush the head of our enemy. Great grace comes in the great Triumph of Our Heart. Thanks be to God Our Father, My Son the Redeemer of mankind, and the Holy Spirit that comes from the Father and the Son … [who] is My Holy Spouse.”

“Saint Michael will do his duty and it will be seen throughout the world. The Holy Angels are prepared to enact and carry out just judgement but in spite of all that has happened, the great Mercy of God will be shining forth again. Everyone will see what they have done. Everyone will experience those things that we of Heaven have experienced, In their hearts. Everyone will feel sorrow and will know how far they have fallen away from their Creator. These events will take place and they will come quickly.”

“Much will happen during this present year. I want you to know, to encourage you: keep up your prayers. Pray from the heart. Show the love which I already see that you have. Pray [for] Our little sons: first of all our Little Pebble of Love who has suffered so much over these past years. Pray for Our little son, Our Cardinal, George Pell. Now he understands. He understands the times we are coming to now and he will soon understand what other souls have had to experience and have had to come to terms with, for the sake of the great re-evangelisation of the world, and for the souls of so many, of so, so, many on this earth.”

“Continue now, My children with these beautiful prayers and offer all to God that His Mercy may be seen in the heavens … on the earth … throughout. May God bless you, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

* * *

WHITE ROSE OF LEBANON: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. As we were saying the last station, Our Blessed Mother came through the picture of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The picture changed colour as She was walking through. She had a white veil … a white tunic … and She was crying and shedding graces upon all the souls that have turned their backs against Her Son.

Speak Mother, for thy servant listens …

OUR LADY: “My dear children, thank you for gathering and consoling Our Hearts. The Eternal Father is in great stress for what is happening in the world. The chastisements are increasing, My children, as I showed you earlier, My daughter. You were taken through the streets of darkness and you were shining light through Our Hearts, upon all the souls that you touched. These souls will be given the graces to turn to Our Hearts. We yearn for these souls, for they are blinded by all the evil that is around. They are persecuting My Church, the Church of My Son, Jesus. They are persecuting My priests that are following the Truth and that speak the Truth.”

“The angels that are fallen do not wish the Truth to be brought forward. They want deception. They want souls that are to go back to the Bosom of the Eternal Father. These angels are fighting with the Angels of God for the souls, but through your prayers, My beloved children, these souls will be rescued and will be given free will to choose the Truth.”

“My dear daughter, continue on praying for My beloved son, Cardinal Pell, for he is dear to My Heart and he will fulfil what I will tell him, for I will speak to him soon and open his eyes to the Truth and show him how he was deceived in the past. My dear daughter, very soon, he and our Little Pebble of Love will be united and he will ask forgiveness for the errors that he has made. And as I have told you, My daughter, he will ordain our Little Pebble of Love very soon and all will move swiftly after that. As we have told Our son, it shall be done.”

“I love you, My children, and I bless you, through My Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WHITE ROSE OF LEBANON: Our Mother moves back through the picture and returns home. She blows us a kiss and asks us to continue on with our prayers.


(1) Cardinal George Pell was incarcerated during the past week.