William Costellia Report – 29 March 2019



29 MARCH 2019


What the world will see in the years from now until 2029 – we pray and hope it will be sooner. The following is a detailed report on the events . Let us pray for one another.

1. The United States will prosper in 2019, but many problems will be seen.

2. By 2021 men will not be able to be helped, as a major earthquake will occur in the U.S.A.

3. An earthquake will occur in Jerusalem which will split the city in half.

4. Cities will become places of refuge.

5. The U.S. Dollar will become worthless, as Judgement comes upon the U.S.A.

6. The beginning of economic disasters will occur in Greece, Italy, Spain and France.

7. Russia will bomb the U.S.A.

8. Major changes will come to Europe.

9. A seven (7) year period of civil conflicts and civil war followed by the invasion of many nations.

10. President Trump could have another four (4) years, if he maintains his stand and does not suffer martyrdom.

11. The people of the U.S.A. will be Judged.

12. The time of Great Miracles has arrived, starting in April and continuing for seven (7) years. People will not be able to buy provisions.

13. 2019 will be a year of blood.

14. A new schism: The U.S.A. will not be able to see how America will be.

15. The U.S.A. will fall in 2021.

16. Pope will be in favour.

17. God will split the U.S.A.

18. Israel will split.

19. Meteor will strike near Puerto Rico.

20. Great earthquake in the U.S.A. – West Coast of California around 2021 – Florida; Texas.

21. Australia will have great earthquakes in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and along the coastline of Brisbane.

22. Australia will be invaded and war will break out; the rich country will be laid waste.

23. The European Common Market will be divided and the new Ten Nations will be formed. These Great Nations will be formed, but for a little while – later it will crumble as the Antichrist will be defeated.

24. The Great Monarch will rise against the Antichrist with the help of Pope Peter Abraham II.

25. Russia and China will join armies and declare war against the U.S.A. and the free world and will triumph.

26. Antichrist will do his stuff – first he will sit on the Throne of Peter and control the Earth.

27. The Philippines will become the Seat of the Last Pope – Peter Abraham II – and the Country of the Philippines will become the Diocese of the Pope and become the stronghold of the Remnant Church against the Antichrist.

William Costellia