Marie-Julie Jahenny – 3 Days of Darkness

Marie-Julie Jahenny

Prophecies For Our times

The visions and prophecies of a Catholic mystic approved since 1875.

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Information about the DREADED DAYS OF DARKNESS many saints and mystics have predicted, and that were also foretold to Marie-Julie. Also, information on how to prepare:

Warning signs:

• The evil ones of the earth will be given a great period of freedom on earth: “i.e. ‘Satan’s Century’ — Marie-Julie was warned about this BEFORE Pope Leo XIII’s famous vision of the same. (Read more about that, click here.)


• The preliminary Chastisements will come: unusal weather patterns, catastrophic natural disasters as warning signs. Crops failures, drought, blights, unusal diseases, these are all signs warning people to turn back to God.

• Pastors of the Church would be punished through major scandal – a punishment for the ‘Plague of Degradation’. (Read more, click here.)


• Another sign of ‘Satan’s Century’ and that the evil ones will grow desperate as their time is cut short: false mystics, miracles and wonders will abound, these false mystics will believe what they see and do comes from God, but they will all be tricks and wonders created by the Devil. When we see this happening, GOD IS ABOUT TO STRIKE SOON. (Read more about that, click here.)


(In addition to false mytics, could this also refer to the sudden manifestation of ‘paranormal sightings’ such as UFO’s in our times? These may be the ‘wonders’ spoke on that previous ages had never seen before. Also as another possibility, there could be major ‘pagan’ manifestions, such as the ‘milk statues’ that suddenly began drinking milk in Hindu temples in 1995 during a 24 hour period throughout the world. Caught on video, click here!


In ancient times, the devils used to cause ‘miracles’ in pagan temples order to keep people ensnared in false worship, but their power was greatly reduced after Christ’s crucifixion according to Bl Catherine Emmerich. However, now that Satan is let loose again, we may see a sudden surge in these types of devilish wonders before the Days of Darkness.)

• Our Lord and Our Lady also said that everyone will feel an INTERIOR WARNING before the Chastisements strike: Our Lord (August 27, 1878) : “My children, some time before these sinister signs are sent onto the Earth, they will already feel in the heart the effect of My justice, it will be that the heart will say the time is not far away. But a grace of peace is reserved for faithful Christians, those who have not disregarded the warnings of Heaven and who will conform their their lives (to them).

A FOUR HOUR PERIOD OF DARKNESS over BRITTANY will Announce the Major Chastisements are on the way.

Our Lord said this (October 5, 1882): “My people, My people, My people, your eyes will see the beginning of the terrible hour, when the wheat is not the third node of growth. At the moment when My people will only have Faith and Hope to arm itself, still in the hard season, (i.e still in winter, not yet spring) lasting for four hours – from 12:00 to 4:00 in France – in those hard days still, the sun will be like a veil of mourning; it will be darkened, without light. Never could anyone on earth believe in the blackness of this darkness. The earth will have nothing more. The eye will be veiled, without it being able to see any object. My people, this will be the beginning of My punishment of Justice. The sun will announce these sorrows: the sky will cry, unable to be comforted, because it will be the entrance of the time when souls will be lost, the entrance, in a word of the terrible misfortune. My people, this darkness will cover Brittany in the space of four hours, but there will not be any hurt (or evil) … simply a small fright.”

The Civil War in France, then, TWO DAYS OF DARKNESS:

There will be TWO DAYS of DARKNESS before the dreaded catastrophic Three Days. It shall be sent as a warning for the faithful.

According to one text, the Civil War and the Massacre / Martyrdoms / Genocide fuelled by anti-Christian hatred in Paris is the first warning.

Before the Civil War hits, there will be floods in the country that will hold up agriculture sent as a warning via nature, then the French army will be deployed abroad and the security forces will be lowered in France. The evil laws will be put into motion, revolution will break out then. (From the warning given, April 20, 1882, click here.)


The civil unrest and war will follow when France is left open to the terror:

“Suddenly it will rise a tearing result of blasphemy that, from the Centre (Paris) of all the evils, all will sound. Suddenly, from the midst of the Centre, there will be voices, shouts and hateful songs, confused cries and the poor people will not have time to escape. The streets will be closed, the passages blocked, a painful massacre in the midst of the expanse of the disaster. The true apostles, known by the energy of their courage, it will be on those whom they want to avenge themselves with rage and fury, the two-days, storm of heaven and earth, the claps of thunder will come before their time (winter). Their lightning will be on the earth of the kingdom during the two days where there will rise the terrible thunderstorm. (No) more repose in the middle of the Centre, nothing to deliver it during these two days. They will slice the heads of a few with the weapons of death, (i.e. with the guillotine?) and will make Christians die by bullets. For two days and two nights, no repose, nor sleep (will be). Many people will perish.” (From the warning given on December 23, 1881, click here.)


There will also be a warning of STRANGE THUNDER AND LIGHTENING in the winter months, see posts, #59, click here and #144, click here)



Also, Christ warned there will be divine signs in the firmament 24 hours before Paris is stuck with the catastrophic events, (Warning given on December 18, 1874, click here.)


*) The “Burning Plague” will also strike when the persecution of the Church seems to stop for awhile: it will be a warning to the impious persecutors of the Church to amend their lives before their death and before the Days of Darkness strike.

The Blessed Beeswax Candles

The Holy Spirit said to Marie-Julie: “There will be two days of horrible darkness, distinct from those advertised (I.e, different from the 3 days). The sky will be purple and red, so low that the clump of tall trees will be as lost. These two days will warn you, as an authentic proof of His goodness, as proof of descent from the wrath of God on earth. You will not be free from the darkness. So far, no soul has mentioned it, because those are not many who were made aware. To resist all these signs, holy water is a strength and consolation, and the candle, but with wax. All those that are not of this paste will not help.”

(i.e. the candle MUST BE 100% pure wax as no other mixture will light. BEESWAX is the best option as it is NATURAL, and we are told the candles must be 100% wax. To be on the safe side, make sure they have no colours or dyes – must be 100% as natural as possible.)

The Holy Spirit said on (September 20, 1880) “During these two days the trees will be burned and will not produce any fruit the following year, because the sap will be burned and stopped. The rain that falls from the sky below will have a foul odour, and wherever it falls, it will be as a big hailstone of fire that pierces that which is most solid and will leave a visible mark of burning. Your homes will be preserved. Only that which is covered lightly will suffer.” (i.e., of weak construction.)

“The water that will be poured on the earth will be black, a frightening black and most of the land will bear it equally everywhere, but it will not hurt that which serves as food to the Christians.”

“The Flame (of the Holy Spirit) said that “In Brittany, in these two days of darkness, under the lowering sky, it will seem light, but no one will be able to see, because they cannot put out their face by day when opening a door; there will be an envoy of God, in the form of a hot flash, which will obscure the human eye.”

“The Lord is urging me to pass on His words and His wishes. The day of these darknesses will still be bearable, despite the darkness … But if the day is calm, the night will be violent, and during the two nights, cries will come out where they know not, they will hear nothing, nor walk on earth, covered with Justice. At night, the blessed candle, the candle should not be put out. During the day, they will be able to go without it, a grace that comes from beyond the Heart of God.” (IMPORTANT: Only during the TWO DAYS during the daytime can we put out the blessed candles, but NOT during the THREE DAYS, they MUST remain lit at all times!)

Marie-Julie, (November 28, 1881): “The sun shall be darkened before, looking ahead (i.e. a precursor) to the real darkness that will arrive 37 days after the signs of the darkening of the sun and of signs of the earth and the announced storm.” (Read more, click here.)


Christ apparently gave more details on the TWO DAYS of DARKNESS, (assuming this is not a reference to the strange darkness four-hour darkness that will cover Brittany alone before the Civil War. This could also be another warning about the Day of Strange Lightning and Thunder). Marie-Julie’s prophecies are difficult to decipher at times. (June 15, 1882):

“I warn My people of that which follows of the number of evils in France, the first ones are not far off, and will be followed by many others, I warn you that one day there will be found — and it is marked — where there will be little sun, no stars and no light to make one step out of the houses, the refuges of My people. The day commences to grow; it will not be at the height of summer or in the longest days, still short. It will not be at the end of a year, but in the first months that I will clearly give My warnings … (In the first part of the year, winter?) The day of darkness and lightning, it will be the first that I will send to convert the wicked, and to see whether many will return to Me before the big storm that will follow closely. That day, my children it will not reach all of France, but part of Brittany will be tested. The side where the land of the Mother of My Immaculate Mother (i.e. the famous shrine where St. Ann is honoured in Brittany) will not be obscured by the darkness to come, only to you and, beyond that, on the (level of?) the sunrise. Everything else will be in the most terrible fright. After the night (dawn) to just until night, a whole day, the thunder will continue to scold; the fire of lightning will do much harm, even in private homes where they will be in sin … My children, that first day does not detract (or take away) from the other three marked and described.” (i.e., we must still expect the Three Days of Darkness.)

Our Lord also said more revelations given to St. Catherine Labouré about these warning signs were hidden away for future times and would be discovered in a monastery. “This day (of warning) is noted in five rolls tightly closed (of or by) the sister of Saint Pierre Tours. This roll remains (hidden) in secret, until the day when a person of God brings her predestined hand on what the world has ignored, to the inhabitants of that monastery …”


In a text recording an ecstasy dated November 13, 1924, it appears the public closure and desecration of the Church comes first, (the Civil War?) then the THREE DAYS of darkness will follow:

“I give you for a calm and assured home My Divine Adorable Heart with this great love of My Blessed Sacrament that they want to destroy in destroying Me, trying every means to destroy My sweet Heaven on Earth, My tent, My holy place, the faith of My elect. It will be missing on earth, (i.e the Blessed Sacrament) but not for long this Bread of Eternal Life, the Bread that sustains My little suffering souls, the banquet, which strengthens them. I will leave to the wicked one hour of power and strength, they will, to increase their number, all the outcasts of the abyss, the eternal abyss, all the damned who are on the earth in human forms to destroy everything, to annihilate everything. I will leave them this painful and difficult hour. It will be followed by a profound darkness. The whole sky will be cloudy. Your blessed lights (i.e., the pure wax candles) will serve in the day and My blessings will be abundant. My peace will be with you in this dark night, I will launch all the features of My Justice. I will blast the losers of souls. I will sift the false consciences. I will annihilate the wicked. I will reduce them like a ……(text missing?) This time is not far off when I assure you that you will not fear. My cross and My Divine Heart will be your shelter, your refuge, stay, do not run away … elsewhere. My Justice will pass. The whole earth will continue in My Justice. It is the time that I will rise up, I will stop all the evil to enter in the beautiful reign of My Sacred Heart.”

*** The three days of darkness, “Will be on a Thursday, Friday, and a Saturday. Days of the Most Holy Sacrament, of the Cross and Our Lady.” Three days less one night. ***(“Breton Stigmatist”, p. 44)

“My children” said the Virgin Mary, “mind my words … In these days of mourning, there will be another earthquake as strong as many others, less strong than in many other places. It will be easy to notice: everything will shake except the piece of furniture on which will burn the wax candle. You will all group around, with the crucifix and my blessed image. This is what shall take fear away from you, as these days will cause many deaths. Here is a proof of my goodness, those who make me well served and invoke me, and that will keep in their homes my blessed image, I will keep safely all that belongs to them. During these three days, I will protect their cattle from starvation. I will keep them because there must not be a single door ajar. The hungry animals shall be satisfied by me, without any food.”

September 20, 1882 (“Breton Stigmatist” p. 44) Our Lady: “The Earth will be covered in darkness, and Hell will be loosed on Earth. The thunder and lightning will cause those who have no faith or trust in my Power, to die of fear. During these three days of terrifying darkness, no windows must be opened, because no one will be able to see the earth and the terrible colour it will have in those days of punishment without dying at once…The sky will be on fire, the earth will split… During these three days of darkness let the blessed candle be lighted everywhere, no other light will shine…”

December 8, 1882, “No one outside a shelter… will survive. The earth will shake as at the Judgement (Day) and fear will be great. Yes, We will listen to the prayers of your (Marie-Julie’s?) friends, not one will perish. We will need them to publish the glory of the cross.” (i.e a promise those devoted to Marie-Julie will be spared??? Good news!) (Don’t forget, a ‘shelter’ also includes devotion to the Scared Heart, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the Cross, these images must be honoured in our homes.)

Our Lady: “Everything will shake except the piece of furniture on which the blessed candle is burning. This will not shake. You will all gather around the crucifix and my blessed picture. This is what will keep away this terror.” “During this darkness the devils and the wicked will take on the most hideous shapes…red clouds like blood will move across the sky. The crash of thunder will shake the earth and sinister lightning will streak the heavens out of season, the earth will be shaken to its foundations, the sea will rise, its roaring waves will spread over the Continent…”

Our Lord again warned: (January 4, 1884) “There will be three days of physical darkness. For three days less one night, there will be a continual night. The blessed wax candles will be the only ones that give light in this terrible darkness: only one will suffice for three days, but in the homes of the wicked, they will not give any light. During these three days and two nights, the demons will appear under the most hideous forms. You will hear in the air the most horrible blasphemies. The lightning will enter your homes, but will not extinguish the candles; neither wind, nor the storm can put them out. Red clouds like blood will ride across the sky. The crash of thunder will shake the earth. Sinister lightning will cut across the dense clouds, in a season when they never occur. The earth will be shaken down to the foundations. The sea will rise thundering waves that will spread across the continent (Tidal wave). Blood will flow in such abundance that the earth will become a vast cemetery. The corpses of the wicked and the righteous ones will litter the ground. The famine will be great. Everything will be in turmoil and three-quarters of men will perish. The crisis will break out suddenly. The chastisements will be common in the world to swell up and will succeed one another ceaselessly. (One of the signs?) When My people have fallen into indifference, I have begun to threaten him. Today, it deserves My justice. I came on earth; they want Me out, take away My Holy Tabernacle, reversing My Cross and ignoring My Power.”

“O Lord,” said Marie-Julie, “have mercy!” Our Lord: “Yes, I will pity the good people, but the others, I will swallow. The earth will open and they will disappear forever.”

Our Lady (November 30, 1880): “My children, you will see fall on the world deadly diseases that will leave no time to be prepared to appear before my Son. (i.e such as the ‘Burning Face’ plague). The lightnings of heaven will succeed with a rapid violence. Fire from heaven will travel the earth to an appalling width: the vengeful lightning will burn any point that produces the fruit. Cultivated lands will be devastated by the power of this fire; grasslands will be burned and reduced to a land completely stripped. The fruit will not appear, all the branches of trees will be dry to the trunk. Children of Brittany, you will use, to keep your crops, that which the goodness of my Son has revealed to you: it is the only way to save your food. (One text of Marie-Julie says to save some of the crops, St. Benedict’s exorcism medal must be sown in the fields in the form of a cross.) My children, for three days the sky will be on fire, furrowed by fear of divine wrath. What saddens me, is that this anger will not stop the forces of hell. They are neither afraid of my Son nor hell. It needs be that these times pass. The danger of France is written in heaven by the power eternal. I can not intercede, I am not anything more than a mother without power. For many years the earth will produce nothing. France will be unhappy, even after its triumph. For two or three years, she will feel the ruins and the deep misery. The misery will be great, although my people is clear (of it?). Prayer will bring the blessing. My son and I will have mercy on this long penance.”

In this last text, we see Our Lady reiterates the warnings: first pestilence, then the burnings, and especially the Three Days of Darkness, after which, France will triumph again, but those days will be hard, for the earth won’t produce for three years after the Days of Darkness.

The “Friends of Marie-Julie” website from France connect the following texts together revealing the words of the Flame of the Holy Spirit, Who also warns about a great famine. Judging from the context, this could be a hint about the aftermath of the Three Days: “Heaven will let pass on earth the signs of His Justice. The foreign land will not reap any food. A rain of fire will reduce to dust the food of these people where are mixed, non-Catholic Christians and Mohammedans (Muslims)” (Prophecy for the USA???) The Flame says again: “The land of France will also be subject to God’s righteousness. For three years, the potatoes will rot at the time of the seed, the corn will not grow or stop halfway. Fruits will blacken: a worm will eat the inside, before they reach the size of a finger.” The Flame says: “The Center (Paris) and its residences will be crushed by the violence of the thunder of God. The tremors and earthquakes will increase, day and night without ceasing for forty-three days. The sea will be agitated and never in all ages, has its waves and its floods taken a similar form. Everyone (all the evil of the earth) at that time will perish forever.”


In all GET PREPARED – apparently the THREE DAYS will fall during the latter half of a winter while the days are still short, but starting to get longer:

*) Go to Confession and stay in the state of grace! Get into the habit of DAILY PRAYER. Remember, Marie-Julie Jahenny was taught that the Morning Offering pleased God. (Also, the children of La Salette were told they must say their night prayers, at least an Our Father and a Hail Mary if they did not have time to say more.) Also, after the Mass, the Rosary is the next more powerful prayer you can say. Don’t forget sacrifices and penances. Practise your Faith!

*) Keep an eye on what is happening in France: it will suffer the chastisements first as a warning, especially the great Civil War that will break out. France will be like the ‘canary in the coalmine’ for the rest of the world. Then, it will rapidly break out in Europe.

*) BLESSED 100% NATURAL WAX (BEESWAX) CANDLES- NO OTHER CANDLE WILL LIGHT. Traditionally, candles are blessed on the Feast of the Purification, Feburary 2, but this is not stipulated in the texts. However, if you can get a priest to say the old Latin blessing on them, the better, there is a distinct blessing for candles in Latin. However, the prayer is included in English below.) Our Lady said one candle would last for the Three Days, but since we may have a few “chastisement scares” in the meantime and might accidentally burn one before then due to panic, etc., make sure you have more than one! Keep a stock of them ready.



P: Our help is in the name of the Lord.

All: Who made heaven and earth.

P: The Lord be with you.

All: May He also be with you.

Let us pray.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, bless + these candles at our lowly request. Endow them, Lord, by the power of the holy + cross, with a blessing from on high, you who gave them to mankind in order to dispel darkness. Let the blessing that they receive from the sign of the holy + cross be so effectual that, wherever they are lighted or placed, the princes of darkness may depart in trembling from all these places, and flee in fear, along with all their legions, and never more dare to disturb or molest those who serve you, the almighty God, who live and reign forever and ever.

All: Amen.

The candles are sprinkled with holy water.


*) Prepare a home altar with images of the Cross, the Sacred Heart, and Immaculate Mary, devotion to Her will help keep the terror of those days at bay. The Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary will be our true refuge. Those with true devotion will be spared. Our Lady said she would protect everything belonging to those who honour her image in their homes. She will also protect and feed any livestock. Also, those devoted to Marie-Julie will be spared so they may spread the Glory of the Cross.

*) Now that we still have priests to bless items – STOCK UP ON SACRAMENTALS. Holy medals, crucifixes, holy water, holy salt, etc. ESPECIALLY the CROSS of PARDON and the PURPLE SCAPULAR shown to Marie-Julie. The Purple Scapular will protect the wearer and the homes of wearers during the chastisements, the Cross of Pardon will be a protection also, but most importantly, in case we are struck with the plagues like the ‘Burning Face Plague’ that will leave no time for preperation of death, anyone who kisses the Cross of Pardon with faith and love will receive God’s forgiveness. Find out about the Scapular: click here. Find out about the Cross of Pardon, click here.



*) If possible, get prepared in your home as if for a major natural disaster. Make sure your home is well constructed. Stock up non-perishable foodstuffs, water, medicines, etc, become a “Dooms Day Prepper” to the best of your ability and don’t worry about what people will think! One of the warnings given to Marie-Julie state the people of the earth will feel in their hearts that “the time is not far away”, a universal uneasiness that ‘something’ is about to happen, i.e the approach of the Divine Wrath, etc. Notice the huge number of Preppers we have now saying they ‘felt’ they had to start prepping because it felt like “something was about to happen”? Interesting.

*) Own any farmable land? Sow St. Benedict’s medals into the ground in the form of a cross: this will protect crops to a certain degree from pestilence and blight that will be sent as chastisements. Due to the terrible aftermath that will follow, e.g. famines, maybe consider stocking up with seeds and making your own ‘seed vault’.

*) The Diseases, Plagues, and the ‘Burning Plague’ chastisement to strike before the Days of Darkness.

Apparently, Our Lord revealed unknown plagues will erupt first in Paris, then spread: (June 15, 1882) “There will pass, on France, countless deaths that the world has never seen and diseases that are unknown. Above all from the Centre (Paris) will this deadly mortality launch its plague. It will strike down just up over the parish which is yours, (Blain, Fraudais?) My children, but fear not, My Heart will be a shelter to protect you.”

Marie-Julie gave details about this disease at an earlier ecstasy dated September 20, 1880, also hinting it will break out during a time of persecution: “From the time when the rage of the impious will stop for a short respite, (i.e. when the persecutions seem to stop for a bit) there will come a great disease, almost suddenly. This chastisement will leave its victims as those without life, they will still breathe with the ability to speak, the flesh raw like after a deep burn. This malady will be very contagious and nothing will stop it. It is a punishment from God to bring many (souls) back.”

And again, more details were given a month earlier, (apparently by Our Lady) on August 5, 1880, this time, with a remedy to help heal the infected if they are treated in time.

WHAT IS THE REMEDY? Click here to find out, as well as discover other remedies given to Marie-Julie Jahenny: “REMEDIES for CHASTISEMENT PLAGUES and DISEASES”