Message 784 – 13 April 2019



Julian Assange, who spoke the truth, pray for him, so that he will survive, as evil has taken over – Europe is slowly plunging itself into a long drawn-out catastrophe through Brexit – Spain: The Government will divide and cause so much tragedy – Argentina: Will go into chaos and civil war will break out; children are starving – Middle East: A great cloud hangs over it – A chastisement will come to Australia – Watch the sky, the Heavens, because Great Darkness will flood the land; a pre-Warning, to prepare a foolish world.

WILLIAM: I can see three Suns in the sky – two (2) before the White Cross and a third just in from it. Our Lady comes through the White Cross and through the Sun and many thousands of Angels also come through the White Cross, dressed all in white with a large Brown Cross on their clothing – like Our Lady has.

Our Lady comes swiftly, gliding towards us and now Our Lady is in the flat. She is beautiful. On Her Head is a small Crown made of gold with three Crosses on top. Our Lady has on a white garment with a beautiful Brown Cross on the front of Her gown. She is holding a Rosary in Her right Hand and all the Angels are holding a lighted candle.

Our Lady is also holding a candle and hands it over to me. Saint Michael is to Her right and Saint Gabriel is to Her left; behind Our Lady is Saint Raphael. The Angels are quite tall, also dressed in white with a Brown Cross on their clothing.

OUR LADY: “I Bless you, My sweet ‘Rock of Eternal Salvation’: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I come today dressed for battle, to assist My children who are undergoing many trials – and this Holy Week, there will be many of Our children who will undergo great suffering.”

“My beloved son of My Immaculate Heart: I come today to prepare Our children for the coming days, as many trials will come, so as to prepare Our children for much suffering. I am the Mother of Great Suffering for Our children of the world, as God is getting very angry, as [that] mankind has not listened to Him. Thus, the world will experience some of the trials upon the world as mankind does not wish to change from its road, which will go into many trials now. I, as your Mother, can no longer hold off the small Chastisement the world needs to turn back to its God.”

“You, My beloved ‘Little Rock’ will guide Our children to Light, so that they will turn away from their lethargy.”

“My children have removed My child, Julian Assange, who spoke the truth. Pray for him, so that he will survive, as evil has taken over – men will see what they do to those who speak the truth.

“My children, Europe is slowly plunging itself into a long drawn-out catastrophe through Brexit, because man will see what man will do to shift the truth from the people who desire the truth, because this division will set the British Isles on a road of division. Pray, My dear children, because Satan is in the midst of this.”

“Pray for Spain because the Government will divide and cause so much tragedy that many will fall and Satan will divide the Nation. Pray, My dear children.”

“My beloved children, men continue to divide themselves, because they have abandoned God, believing they do not need Him anymore, because they believe they have all the answers they need. But, My sweet children, they will recognize that without God they will be lost.”

“Pray, My children, because many countries feel they can go ahead without God, but little do they realize that their road will be thrown into chaos, for without God their road will turn into dust.”

“Pray for Argentina, because it will go into chaos and civil war will break out, as My children are starving.”

“O children of the world, the more you throw God out of your lives, the more suffering you will receive. The Great War is slowly creeping up and before long the world will be at each other’s throats. It is therefore [why] I have come with My Army of Truth, to awaken the children of the world, because mankind is in great danger.”

“Watch the sky – the Heavens – because Great Darkness will flood the land. It is a pre-Warning, to prepare a foolish world, that they have gone too far, thinking only of themselves and forgetting about their brothers and sisters. This warning [is] a miniature one, before the Great Warning comes. But know this, dear children, God is Merciful to give you a chance to repent. The sky will darken; the Sun will be hidden and coldness will engulf the world. Men will be very much afraid, believing that the world is in great trouble. So be prepared, for this is the little sign of the Warning, that will come not long after. Pray, so God will forgive His wavering children.”

“Pray for the Middle East, because a great cloud hangs over it. Pray for the children and mothers who undergo many trials, because mankind thinks only of himself [itself].”

“Pray, My son, for shortly a chastisement will come to Australia. This will be leaked upon the nation because of what they have done to you in the past – and more so – because they have blocked the road of the Cross, but you will open the gates one more time for their sake. I Bless you, My cherished son: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Pray My children, because God is going to show you signs – those of which you had not thought about – but these are signs My children will beg of My Divine Son Jesus, to please remove, as they will be very painful.”

My Visitation to you, My children today, was not very pleasant because mankind have forgotten that Jesus, My Divine Son, has Died for them, so that they have Life Everlasting. So I, as Mother of the Redeemer, ask that you pray to Him to ask for forgiveness, so that Jesus can give you abundance of Graces, so that everyone who wills it has salvation and returns back to a life most pleasing to God.”

“I go now into battle for Our children, before the Great Sign is given to mankind. Pray and do penance, My sweet children. I love you and send to you the Angels of Protection: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And you, My ‘Holy son of Predilection’, your path is being cleared, so that your Mission as Peter Abraham will be fulfilled. Shortly the Maid of China will help you to fulfill the Plan of God. Fear not, as God is guiding all. I love you, My beloved son. Be not afraid, for We know how difficult it has been, but the road will become clearer as the days progress. Continue to carry the Cross, as We of Heaven are enlightening you every day.”

“I send you My Motherly Peace. I love you, My ‘Son of Predilection’ and I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: Our Holy Mother comes very close to me and allows me to kiss the Cross that She wears. She puts Her two Arms around me and places Her Rosary around me. She has the white candle and gives it to Saint Michael. She kisses my forehead and moves back to where She was.

OUR LADY: Be at peace, My holy son.”

WILLIAM: Our Lady places Her Hands out to Bless me:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: Our Lady does not turn around but slowly glides towards the three Suns. I do not know why there are three Suns.

OUR LADY: “I Bless you, My son: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: Our Lady sends a kiss to me. The Angels are the Angels who will fight for Our Lady – they are Her Army.



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Marie-Julie, (November 28, 1881): “The sun shall be darkened before, looking ahead (i.e. a precursor) to the real darkness that will arrive 37 days after the signs of the darkening of the sun and of signs of the earth and the announced storm.”

Christ apparently gave more details on the TWO DAYS of DARKNESS, (assuming this is not a reference to the strange darkness – four-hour darkness – that will cover Brittany alone, before the Civil War.  This could also be another warning about the Day of Strange Lightning and Thunder). Marie-Julie’s prophecies are difficult to decipher at times. (June 15, 1882):

“I warn My people of that which follows of the number of evils in France; the first ones are not far off and will be followed by many others. I warn you that one day there will be found – and it is marked – where there will be little sun, no stars and no light to make one step out of the houses, the refuges of My people. The day commences to grow; it will not be at the height of summer or in the longest days, still short. It will not be at the end of a year, but in the first months that I will clearly give My warnings … (In the first part of the year, winter?)  The day of darkness and lightning, it will be the first that I will send to convert the wicked and to see whether many will return to Me before the big storm that will follow closely. That day, My children it will not reach all of France, but part of Brittany will be tested. The side where the land of the Mother of My Immaculate Mother (i.e. the famous shrine where St. Ann is honoured in Brittany) will not be obscured by the darkness to come, only to you and, beyond that, on the (level of?) the sunrise. Everything else will be in the most terrible fright. After the night (dawn) to just until night, a whole day, the thunder will continue to scold; the fire of lightning will do much harm, even in private homes where they will be in sin … My children, that first day does not detract (or take away) from the other three marked and described.” (i.e., we must still expect the Three Days of Darkness.) 

There will also be a warning of STRANGE THUNDER AND LIGHTENING in the winter months., Christ warned there will be Divine signs in the firmament 24 hours before Paris is struck with the catastrophic events.

*) The “Burning Plague” will also strike when the persecution of the Church seems to stop for awhile: it will be a warning to the impious persecutors of the Church to amend their lives, before their death and before the Days of Darkness strike.

The Blessed Beeswax Candles:

The Holy Spirit said to Marie-Julie: “There will be two days of horrible darkness, distinct from those advertised (i.e., different from the 3 days). The sky will be purple and red, so low that the clump of tall trees will be as lost. These two days will warn you, as an authentic proof of His goodness, as proof of descent from the Wrath of God on Earth. You will not be free from the darkness. So far, no soul has mentioned it, because there are not many who were made aware. To resist all these signs, holy water is a strength and consolation and the candle, but with wax. All those that are not of this paste will not help.

(i.e. the candle MUST BE 100% pure wax as no other mixture will light.  BEESWAX is the best option as it is NATURAL, and we are told the candles must be 100% wax.  To be on the safe side, make sure they have no colours or dyes – must be 100% as natural as possible.)

The Holy Spirit said on (September 20, 1880) “During these two days the trees will be burned and will not produce any fruit the following year, because the sap will be burned and stopped. The rain that falls from the sky below will have a foul odour, and wherever it falls, it will be as a big hailstone of fire that pierces that which is most solid and will leave a visible mark of burning. Your homes will be preserved. Only that which is covered lightly will suffer.” (i.e., of weak construction.)

“The water that will be poured on the Earth will be black, a frightening black and most of the land will bear it equally everywhere, but it will not hurt that which serves as food to the Christians.”

“The Flame (of the Holy Spirit) said that “In Brittany, in these two days of darkness, under the lowering sky, it will seem light, but no one will be able to see, because they cannot put out their face by day when opening a door; there will be an envoy of God, in the form of a hot flash, which will obscure the human eye.” “The Lord is urging me to pass on His words and His wishes. The days of these darkness will still be bearable, despite the darkness … But if the day is calm, the night will be violent, and during the two nights, cries will come out where they know not, they will hear nothing, nor walk on earth, covered with Justice. At night, the blessed candle – the candle should not be put out. During the day, they will be able to go without it, a grace that comes from beyond the Heart of God.” (IMPORTANT: Only during the TWO DAYS during the daytime can we put out the blessed candles, but NOT during the THREE DAYS, they MUST remain lit at all times!)

Our Lord also said more revelations given to St. Catherine Labouré about these warning signs were hidden away for future times and would be discovered in a monastery. “This day (of warning) is noted in five rolls tightly closed (of or by) the sister of Saint Pierre Tours. This roll remains (hidden) in secret, until the day when a person of God brings her predestined hand on what the world has ignored, to the inhabitants of that monastery …”