William Costellia Vision – 16 April 2019


16 APRIL 2019

Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral

WILLIAM: As we were praying Our Rosary for the night, three Great Angels came – they were about eight (8) feet tall. They said they were from the three great Shrines of France – one was from Lourdes; one from La Salette and the other one was from Pontmain – the Guardian Angel of Notre Dame Cathedral, that was now destroyed.

He spoke to me and said that the destruction of the Cathedral was caused by Terrorists, who did this in such a way as to make people believe it was a normal accidental fire – but in actual fact it was caused by those who wilfully caused it so as to make believe it was normal, considering the lack  of security.

It will be known publicly – but this catastrophe will bring forward the next disaster that will come and that is the destruction of the Eiffel Tower. The reason for this is because men have forgotten to pray and France has let the Muslims overflow into their country, bringing war and suffering. This will bring the same in other lands.


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