William Costellia to Angela Merkel – 19 April 2019

To the general Public:

Please help me to get this letter (below) to Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany. Your assistance is appreciated. Thank you very much.


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Her Excellency Angela Merkel, Federal Republic of Germany

Dear Madame Chancellor, we write to express our on going appreciation for your clear direction for your Country, but I have a great concern for Germany which we love.

The reason I write to you is that your Country is in danger of the enemy bringing terrorists attacks in your Country — the same that was done in recent days in Paris, France.

I am a German by birth and have been targeted by the Australian Government for many years, as I am a Catholic seer since the 1980’s. I will bring my account to the Courts to get my name cleared this year.

I will be returning to live in Germany as soon as my livelihood has been cleared, but my main concern is that Germany must clear the Immigrants of the past five (5) years as many of the flow of people coming from the Middle East are influenced by the enemy of God, mainly Muslim extremist. Please take note as Germany is the enemy. My prayers are for you.

God bless

William Costellia