Retreat Talks given by the Little Pebble – Archived Youtube Video

Apparitions and Retreat Conferences given by the Little Pebble in Australia and on his Overseas Journeys in past years.

These Talks, Conferences and Apparitions were originally saved on VHS tape media. The quality of the video in some instances is not up to standard but still quite viewable. They have been edited and converted to MP4 video for Youtube. There are many hours of Talks. As the VHS originals are converted we will be putting them online here. Enjoy watching some of these special moments in the history of God’s Mission given to the Little Pebble.

Little Pebble Apparitions (Video):

Saint Charbel House of Prayer at private Home – near Wollongong Australia 2 August 1986

Atonement Day Holy Grounds – Nowra Australia 13 December 1990

Bethlehem Community – New Brunswick, Canada 1995

Conferences (Video) at Toronto, Canada:

Prophecy, Apparitions and Division in the Church – Toronto 1989

Questions and Answers after Conference – Toronto 1989

More Questions and Answers – Toronto 1989

Again More Questions and Answers – Toronto 1989

Conferences (Video) at Chicago, USA:

Seers – Apparitions – Order of Saint Charbel – Prophecy – True Obedience – Chicago March 1989

The 10 Commandments – Chicago 20 August 1992

Seers and Mystics – Chicago 20 August 2020