HOLY GROUNDS APPEAL – 30 September 2020


30th September 2020

Dear Followers of Our Lady’s Hope!

I wish you to think about Our Holy Mother’s Mission.

I come to you seeking your help. For 35 years we have maintained the Holy Grounds of Our Holy Mother, with the payment of $2,700.00 per month over the last 10 years. We lost the Holy Grounds due to Legal costs.

In 2017, I went into debt on the property of the extended Holy Grounds, which was $300,000.00, as we had no choice. Loan Companies – over fifty of them, including the four Major Banks – declined to assist us, even though the property was valued at $1.9 million and part of the City of Nowra.

We eventually secured a loan, but at a crippling 20% interest rate.

We ask again for anyone who can assist us with a donation or loan of $300,000.00 over 10 years – or even 5 years – would they please help us save Our Lady’s Property.

Any donations are much appreciated:

ANZ BANK of Australia (Branch: Sydney Australia)

ACCOUNT NAME: Sandra Susan Costellia (Address: 161B Koloona Drive BANGALEE, NSW 2541 Australia)

BSB: 012-071

ACCOUNT: 424557101


We thank all those who have helped us in the past and I wish to remind you all that the money you have saved over many years, will be of no help to you in the coming years, as the money will be lost due to the state of the world. So please consider our needs and I thank you in advance for your consideration.

I remain your friend and thank you for your love and prayers.

William J. Costellia

God’s Servant