Message 834 – 15 September 2021



Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

Pope Peter II, Little Abraham II will be installed very soon – The Evil One is no longer afraid to show mankind his diabolical influences – Vaccinations, are poison – Marseille’s Thieves Oil will help dilute vaccine in the body – The Warning will enlighten your minds; Satan will introduce the Mark of the Beast (666) – Australia punished severely very soon; Tidal Wave will kill many – True Monarch of France soon rise to crush the rebellion – England will again take up the sword – Pray Donald Trump be elected again.

WILLIAM: There are two Great Angels standing in my house and they asked me to make the Sign of the Cross, twice: + +

I see thousands of Angels forming two lines between the White Cross and ourselves and within these two white lines of Angels, there are many other Angels behind them. All have Trumpets: now the Trumpets are blasting. The road coming from the Cross to myself is paved with silver.

Our Lady is dressed, not as Our Lady of Sorrows, but as Our Lady of La Salette. Beside Our Lady is Saint Michael dressed in his shining armour. Our Lady is wearing a beautiful Crown and holding a beautiful white Rosary.

OUR LADY: “I greet you, My beloved son, My Little White Rock!”

WILLIAM: Our Lady makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: Our Lady comes towards me and places the white Beads over my head and says:

OUR LADY: “This is for you, My beloved White Rock – it is the Rosary that will bring forth your Victory, very shortly.”

WILLIAM: Our Lady kisses me on the forehead and returns to Her spot. Saint Michael hands Her a blue Rosary.

OUR LADY: “Today, My son, is the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, but I come as Our Lady of La Salette, as the Church is approaching its Calvary and Crucifixion, because mankind has abandoned the Church of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God.”

“Though you are few in number who stand up for the Truth, led by My two sons, Pope Benedict and My future Vicar, which is you, My holy son, who will be called Pope Peter II, Little Abraham II, who will be installed very soon. The time for the Crucifixion is here, my children – have faith and trust in My Words, because it will be very difficult.”

“Currently the world is plunged into chaos, because mankind believe that the Pandemic is the answer to mankind, yet it is only the beginning of all the woes that will strike mankind, as My faithless children, whom many are possessed due to the control of the elite and the Illuminati, but few children recognize this, even though they are openly displaying themselves, as the Evil One is no longer afraid to show mankind his diabolical influences. But soon, My dear people, the evil ones will receive a huge shock, so that they will realize that there is only One God, the Father and the Son, Jesus and the Holy Ghost, Who controls everything and everyone.”

“Mankind believe by vaccinating themselves that they have been saved, but on the contrary, these vaccinations – Moderna, Pfizer, Astra Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson – will be [to] their detriment, as the vaccination is a poison to the human race brought on by the Evil One. But to those who refuse to take the vaccination, they will see what the vaccination will do, as within five years, many of those who took the vaccination will die.”

“For those who are confused, there is a way you can control the vaccination within your body and like this product – (Marseille’s Thieves Oil) – it will help to dilute the product within your body – and turn to prayer.”

“My children, you are at the beginning of the Tribulation; at the end of it will be the Warning and after the Warning, your minds will be enlightened as to what you must do, because it is then that Satan will introduce the Mark of the Beast, which is 666.”

“Turn to prayer – the Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet – and the other prayers which I have given to the world over many years.”

“Australia, because you have encouraged the human race to take the vaccination and caused people who refuse it, to be punished, you will be punished severely, very soon, as a Tidal Wave will come to your shores, which will kill many and destroy many homes. I ask you as your Holy Mother to take heed of the warnings We send to you through Our White Rock, whom you have discarded and thrown away – but I assure you he will rise up again, very powerful, with the Grace of My Divine Son Jesus, for you have not listened to My Voice, which I have spoken so many times through My beloved White Rock.”

“To the people of Indonesia, you will receive many Chastisements soon, as  your land will shake, killing many of  your people.”

“I warn Russia and China, who believe they are in the right to swarm the people of Europe and Asia – remember that God, who sees all, will defeat you with the Army of faithful children, who will be led by My Monarch and My Last Vicar.”

“For those who rule Europe and the Middle East, know that your time is very short. Turn to Me, your Holy Mother, because your days are numbered. War will break out very soon bringing many of Our children over the veil. Pray for France, as the enemy is trying to divide this land, because the enemy knows that the True Monarch of France will soon rise to crush the rebellion of those souls who are in darkness. Pray for Spain and Portugal, My children, because the invasion of the Muslims will come very soon.”

England! England: you who will again take up the sword – remember the faith of your forefathers– because a great invasion will come upon you before you turn to the true faith, which will enlighten you, but before this day comes, many will perish. Pray! Pray!”

“Pray, My children of Germany, because of the many people you took to your nation, you will go on an underlying surge of Muslims, who will try to bring your country down. This will not be the only trouble, as Russia will once again be your scourge. But you will be victorious, because you will welcome the Monarch of France and will welcome the Prince of Holy Mother Church, who will be the Last Vicar for Holy Mother church – your own son, William John Costellia, who was born inKöln and will be the Vicar of My Divine Son, Jesus. Pray, dear children of Germany, because you have been favoured by My Divine Son, Jesus.”

“Pray for Japan, because it will be inundated with heavy seas and floods.”

“Pray, My children, for Venezuela and South America, because each land will feel the chastisement as will the Continent of Africa, because something will be found in the land of Egypt,which will shock and surprise the human race.”

“It is time, My sweet children, that you take up the Beads of Love, because all children will suffer, especially the islands around the world. Soon My children will understand what the Scriptures have said, because all islands will sink into the sea and all children will be asked to move to the mainlands of the world. But if you are not able, trust in God’s Love and Mercy, because the world will be changed, very soon.”

“Pray that the Atomic Weapon will not be used, as millions of people will perish.”

“Pray, dear children of the U.S.A., because many chastisements are occurring there and will continue to punish the land that was beautiful, because they have placed their love for God aside.Pray for New York, because only a small amount will be left there.”

Pray that Donald Trump may be elected again, so that the U.S.A. will receive a reprieve from the very chastisements it is receiving now.”

“I Love you, sweet children – and you, My beloved son will receive your long awaited freedom from the forces of evil. Know, My holy son, We of Heaven are very pleased with what you are doing. Continue in the guidance of My Immaculate Heart and remember the Rosary We gave you today.  I Bless you and those you love: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Very shortly you will receive great news. Be at peace and know how much I Love you, as does Saint Michael and of course the Triune God. I will answer your personal question now.”

WILLIAM: Our Lady Blessed me and Saint Michael.

OUR LADY and ST MICHAEL: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”