A World War you can Stop – 28 April 2022


President of Russia



Dear President Putin,

Blessings of Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother Mary be with you always!

My Dear President Putin, I greet you in Jesus’ Name – a Glorious Person whom you respect. After watching you run your beloved country, Russia – a land dedicated to the Holy Virgin Mary – I have watched with a sad heart as to why you have attacked a beloved country of Ukraine.

You are still supporting a Communist System – the Hammer and Sickle. Do not, because Communism is evil. Stop the War now, while you still have time, because I know you are  planning to attack several Nations along the border of Russia. You will not succeed, because China, which is your friend at the moment, will turn on your country.

The world is preparing for World War, which you can stop. Jesus, Our Divine Lord, is watching and waiting on you to move out of Ukraine now. Please, please be warned, because you have little time left.

Bring your country towards a democracy. With much love and prayers do I ask this of you.

Through Our Lord and God, Who Loves you very much.

Wishing you God’s Blessings,

God’s Servant,


William Costellia