Three Messages to Valentina Sydney Seer – 4 5 11 November 2022

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 4 November 2022

So Far, God the Father holds back the Evil Plans

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During my morning prayers and Act of Consecration to the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, our Lord God the Father suddenly appeared.

He said, “My daughter Valentina, I come to remind you of the message I gave you about the washroom, and the soap you held in your hands (Refer to Message from 18 March 2018 reprinted below). That represents My Mercy for all of humanity in the world. I, your Father, want you to often contemplate on that vision and tell My children on earth and explain to them, what it really means, but I also want you to tell people to repent and to change. The times you are all living in now are not good. Many things that were predicted are happening; many disasters are happening all over the world, and you are experiencing all these changes. I did not want to put fear in your hearts because I love you.”

“I want you to be at peace and to trust Me. The evil men are preparing a war, and it is on the brink to start, but it is all My Decision. So far, I hold back all their evil plans.”

“My children, I want you to pray very much for the world.”

“My daughter, I prepare a new day for you. Go and resume your duties, and I will be with you, and you will feel My strong Presence wherever you go. Give hope and courage to all those you meet.”

He smiled as He said, “Bring Me a Sinner! And offer him to Me, and that will be My greatest joy, and I will bless you and thank you for it.”

“Remain always humble and simple. You know how much I love that.”

Thank You, my loving Father.

After Holy Mass, I attended the Cenacle Rosary Prayer Group. Suddenly, God the Father spoke a second time that day and said, “Today, I intervene very strongly among you, My children, and I give you a special blessing. Pray for this church. It needs to be rebuilt and changed. Pray for all My churches, pray for Holy Priests and pray for repentance for the world.”

18 March 2018

We must beg for God’s Forgiveness and Mercy – The Wash Room

I had a difficult night of sleeping due to suffering for the Holy Souls, so I decided to pray the Holy Rosary and other prayers that I would usually say in the morning.

Suddenly, our Blessed Mother appeared with Baby Jesus. They were accompanied by an angel. Blessed Mother was wearing a tunic that was of a burgundy and purplish colour. I could see her beautiful, long, dark brown hair, as she was not wearing a veil.

She then said, “We come to invite you to come with us, so that we can show you, and explain to you something you did not know before.”

Suddenly, I was taken to a very holy place. I could see that it was Heaven. We were in what looked like a building, and the room that we were in, was quite spacious. In the centre of the room was a table that looked like an Altar.

Blessed Mother said, “I am placing my little Divine Baby Jesus into your hands, because I know that you love to nurse Him.”

She then gently gave me Baby Jesus to hold in my arms. He looked like He was about four to five months old. He had curly, blonde hair and was wearing a nightie of a soft blue colour.

Blessed Mother said, “Now you can place Baby Jesus in the centre of the table.”

As I sat Him in the centre of the table, I put my arms on either side of Him, in case He might fall. As I looked to my right I could see a group of holy people. They were reciting the Holy Rosary. Blessed Mother said to me, “Go to the washroom and get a bar of soap and bring it here.”

I said, “But Baby Jesus will fall down, I have to look after Him.”

Blessed Mother replied, “Don’t worry, He’ll be fine.”

I obeyed her and went to the washroom which was located to my left. As I looked in, I was amazed at how beautiful the room was. The washroom had a most brilliant sparkle and shine. All the walls were made of glass, shining like crystal, and the floor was made from a glowing light-coloured marble. For a moment I hesitated to step in, because of its beauty. Around the walls were rows of shelves, all made of glass, and on these shelves I saw many bars of soap. I walked in and took one of the bars of soap, and holding it in my hand, was about to go back to Blessed Mother when suddenly, God the Father appeared.

In a very serious tone He asked me, “Where did you get that?”

I answered, “Just here in the washroom!”

“Who told you to go there?” He asked.

“Blessed Mother” I answered.

Since it was Blessed Mother who gave me permission to go into the washroom, I could see from God the Father’s expression that it was okay.

He then said, “That soap is no good!”

Looking at the bar of soap in my hand, which looked like normal, homemade soap, I said, “It looks good to me.”

But then God the Father explained to me, “ What I mean is that it needs two more powerful ingredients to make it stronger.”

I was thinking to myself, “Maybe He means it needs caustic soda.”

Hearing my thoughts, God the Father smiled and said, “No, not that strong! That will kill everyone!”

“My daughter, I will explain to you what that soap in your hand represents. See that group over there, they are praying the Holy Rosary and that is very good. They pray and intercede for the people. However, people also need a good soap to wash away their sins. Now that you are in Lent, approaching Easter, you have to tell people that they need to wash away all their sins by making a good Confession. They need to really clean themselves. The world really needs to be washed with a good soap and to be repentant. It is so sinful.”

Pointing towards the washroom and waving His index Finger, as if scolding, and in a much angrier tone of voice, God the Father gave a stern warning, “ See that washroom where you got that soap from. Tell the people in the world that I will be closing it very soon. There will be no more soap to wash away their sins. ~I really mean it~! There is still a little time left, but not much time, for them to repent.”

I immediately understood that once He closes the washroom, even though there would be calls from people begging for His Mercy, He will not answer them, because He gave the world time to repent. He begged and begged and warned but they took no notice.

Then Baby Jesus came towards us. He came like a little angel in his little blue nightie and stood between God the Father and myself. I was listening to God the Father and when I looked down a second time, Baby Jesus had just vanished. I understood that He entered into the Spirit of God the Father and they became One.

I felt such a peace and calmness, unlike anything here on earth.

The reason Blessed Mother asked me to place Baby Jesus on the table is because He is the Eucharist. God the Father explained that the prayers that were being said by the Saints in Heaven are good, but they are not enough. People living on earth need a good soap to clean their soul by repentance and Confession. God the Father then gives them His Grace and Blessings.

Later, as I was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet, God the Father spoke to me and explained, “ The two most powerful ingredients are My Forgiveness and My Mercy, and they work together. Without these two ingredients the soap is useless!

God the Father is so Holy, and as we are sinners, we need to beg for His Forgiveness and His Mercy, before it is too late and the doors of Mercy are closed.

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 5 November 2022

Holy Souls Give a Serious Warning to the World

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I was walking through Purgatory with three angels. All three wore uniforms; navy blue pants and a shirt with a little aqua-blue trim around their collars. They looked very smart and beautiful, quite distinguished from the holy souls, who were very poorly dressed.

The angels were all very friendly and smiling and they tried to cheer up the souls to give them encouragement to go through their penance.

As we approached some groups of souls, they called out to me. They came closer and said, “Why do people on earth live so carefree? They just want entertainment and to live a good life, have plenty of money and material goods.”

“If they only knew how harmful this will be for them in the afterlife. Many are stealing and cheating and doing all kinds of ugly things and they cheat the poor people.”

“All we know from the knowledge that has been given to us is that the world will be punished severely. We tremble for you, worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, worse than any other punishment that happened previously in the world.”

The souls are very happy when the angel visits them. They call the angels guards. They would say, “Guards! Come, Come!”

The angels always give them hope and encourage them to be patient and to persevere in their suffering.

Holy Souls, please pray for us.

Thank you, Lord Jesus and Holy Angels.

Message to Valentina Sydney Seer – 11 November 2022

The Angel Warns of the Coming Third World War

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Throughout the night, I tried to pray but found it difficult due to the severe pain I was experiencing in my leg. The pain persisted all night long with not even the slightest relief. Suddenly the angel appeared and said, “Our Lord Jesus sent me to reveal to you why you suffer so much, especially in this month of November for the Holy Souls.”

“Come with me,” the angel said. The angel wore a navy-coloured uniform.

We walked, and we gathered together. He brought me to a beautiful garden. Everything was so fresh and green and beautiful. We walked along a beautiful road, like an allée, with tall lush green plants on either side of the road, and huge red beautiful fruits, like tomatoes but the size of rockmelons, hanging from these plants. They looked so healthy and fresh. I have never seen anything like it.

I asked my angel, “What kind of fruit is this? It is so big!”

He smiled and said, “With all your suffering, you produced this magnificent fruit, and you brought many souls to Heaven. You should be very happy and proud. I know it seems very hard at the time, when our Lord permits you to have so much suffering, but you also greatly console our Lord because, in the world, there is so much evil and sinfulness that our Lord is so much offended.”

We were sitting together. I felt very close to one particular angel who was sitting next to me. I leaned over to him and held onto his arm, listening intently to him as he explained to me the meaning of the fruits on either side of the road. It was so peaceful, so serene.

We then stood up and started walking along the beautiful road. After a short while, we stopped and talked, when suddenly a dish appeared on the road. It was a large silvery metal dish. The angel bent down and picked it up. Suddenly a stand appeared in front of us, and the angel sat the metal dish on the stand.

Then he said to me, “I’ll show you something that is in the container.”

So, I bent over and looked into the container. What I saw was a dark black liquid. It didn’t look good at all.

I asked the angel, “What is this?”

He said, “This is a mixture of ugly liquids the world is preparing to harm people with it.”

As he said this, a tall transparent glass appeared in my hands containing a yellow mixture.

Surprised, I said, “Gee, where did this come from?”

The angel said, “Come closer and pour it into the dark mixture!”

I did as the angel asked and began to pour the yellow liquid into the silvery container.

Then the angel used a little stick and began to stir the mixture, blending the fine yellow liquid, which changed the dark mixture to a marble cake texture. The yellow liquid did not completely cover the dark liquid.

He said, “You see, what you have just poured in is heavenly so that the evil will not have so much power on earth.”

We both looked at each other, and the angel said, “You know, our Lord is very pleased with you. He gives you special graces of wisdom and knowledge and all kinds of different things.”

Then he turned to me and said, “Valentina, you are an amazing woman,” and then he smiled.

“Be courageous and spread the Lord’s Holy Word to people.”

With some hesitation, the angel gave me a warning for the world. He said, “Valentina, I still want to tell you that the Third World War will happen in the world. Tell people to pray, pray, pray very much for this right now.”

The angel was quite reluctant to tell me this about the war, but in the end, he did reveal it.

St Michael the Archangel, protect us from what is coming to the world.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us and on the whole world.