Message received Ash Wednesday – 22 February 2023


22 February 2023

The Cross has appeared. St Peter and St Paul are standing on each side of the Cross and the seven archangels are above the Cross. The Cross opens up and a beautiful bright light comes from the Cross and forms a street.

The Archangels are coming and St Michael is in the centre. The Archangels are three on each side. St Peter and St Paul come forward and the Cross is opening up. Jesus and Mary come through the Cross.

The Blessed Trinity — Father and Holy Ghost hover above Jesus and Mary. St Joseph is also with Our Blessed Mother. They appear to be dressed in Hebrew clothes. They come forward. Jesus comes forward. In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost +.

Jesus: “I greet all of My children throughout the world.”

“Today is a great feast day of two of the great Apostles of Holy Mother Church – St Peter and St Paul.”

“As you know, as you feel and as you see, mankind goes further and further into darkness, forgetting what mankind is, forgetting Me, their Creator and Saviour. How sad it is to see many children who have forgotten Me and placed Me aside, seeking the world and it’s temptations, rather than seeking Me and Salvation.”

“The leaders of the world are ignorant of the real truth because what mankind sees on television is only part of the truth because most of it is hidden from man — and that is why mankind continue to go further down the road towards the abyss.”

“My children, My children, what must I do to mankind to wake him up from his slumber? I and My Most Holy Mother and the angels and saints have delivered to the world thousands upon thousands of messages in the last hundred years or so — but mankind is foolish — he places the gifts of Heaven aside and chooses those things which take them away from Me — from Truth.”

“My children, as you will not listen to Our Voices, you leave Me no alternative but to send mankind a terrible Warning – a Warning that will come from Heaven – the Fires from Heaven. And this fire will purge mankind, and hopefully open up the hearts that have closed themselves to My Calling.”

“This Warning will be witnessed by all children. It won’t just be in one country, but every nation will come under this yoke and will be witnessed by all. This will come this year. This is just one of the chastisements for the world, but there will be many more that will reach many nations of the earth. There will be volcanic eruptions and great disturbances. Nations will be shocked by the extremes of the chastisements that will come.”

Europe will be dragged into war and so will Asia. Also Canada and also Australia will be drawn into warfare unexpectedly because China will invade many nations because of their great army of 200 million men and women.”

Russia will also be the cause of man’s destruction, but Russia will be surprised to learn that China will attack it. The European nations must prepare therefore along the borders of the Russian Nation. The countries that will be attacked will be those countries that are near. France will be immobilised, more by it’s own self rather than countries attacking it.”

“Revolution will strike France, and My great soldier and Monarch will come to defend the truth of the Nation.”

“Pray dear children because the Middle East is ready to flare up and the atomic weapon will be used. Mankind believe that these weapons won’t be used but Russia and China have other designs and America will be invaded by China and Russia.”

California will sink into the sea very soon and in a short while many people will pass away and will come to their judgement because mankind have forgotten why they were created. It is so sad My dear children.”

Lebanon will once agin be a land of conflict but later, St Charbel will rescue that nation.”

“Pray dear children for the African nations. Even though they are poor – but they will use their arms to fight one another.”

“Pray dear children for South America, because many nations have forgotten Me and they will pay the price.”

“What can I say to Our children? My Father in Heaven and Our Spirit is eager to save Our children, and My Most Holy Mother who has the Mission and goes throughout the world, shall continue to go to many countries to save our children, but Our children have forgotten Us. Therefore, I beg you, Oh children, take up the Beads of Love of My Most Holy Mother and pray them earnestly so that Mercy will be given to mankind.”

“This year is the year of the great chastisement. This will befall shortly, and after this, if mankind remains asleep, then the Great Warning and chastisement will come to the world.”

“Pray for Francis because he seeks to go to Russia, but there are false intentions. He needs your prayers dear children.”

“I love you My dear children, and I bless you on this feast day. Today is a very important feast day.”

“I love you dear children, and I bless you and give you strength. Remember to pray during the time of Lent and ask My Father in Heaven for Mercy so that the Holy Spirit will descend upon mankind and strengthen them.”

“I bless you My children. In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost. Amen +.”

“I bless you. In The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost. Amen +.”

Our Holy Mother steps forward. She looks beautiful with a sad smile.

Mother of God: “I greet you. In The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost. Amen +.”

“As you know, My Divine Lord, Jesus Christ has given mankind the directions that they need because the world goes further into darkness. Mankind have forgotten their God. It is time for mankind to wake up because the Eternal Father is going to wake up mankind with a shock so they realise that God is God.”

“I will not speak very much today because My Son has told mankind what is required. Things are going to change very drastically.”

Both Jesus and Mary are looking around. St Joseph is there with the Angels and the Archangels.

“Time is very short for mankind therefore My children, you need to think seriously of all that you do and We love you very much. In The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost. Amen +.”

“Go in My Peace.”

Both Jesus and Mary glide back towards the Holy Cross.

The angels were singing as Jesus and Mary and the Holy Trinity return back towards the White Cross.

In The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost. Amen +.