Message to Christina Gallagher – 22 February 2023

Message of Jesus to Christina Gallagher

February 22 2023, Ash Wednesday.

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“I am your Jesus who loves you and who partook of the chalice of sin for each one of you. I shed My Blood to its very last drop. My Mercy and Love are endless but Lucifer has blinded you, My people. You can not see but you walk in his path and all that he tempts you with.You partake of his temptations and all that is not of Me. You forget Me in your greed, in your arrogance and in your self-will. You feed on all that is of Lucifer, through your flesh that will lead you to the fires of hell which will burn for all eternity, and in them you will be. I desire My Life for each one of you.”

“Why, Oh why, you generation of people, why are you so weak and will not listen, why will you not permit Me to grow in your heart and live in your soul?”

“The uprisings that My Mother and I have spoken to you about — these start in your hearts, then in your homes and then spread throughout the world. You generation of people, the more you have, the more corrupt you become and the more prideful, yielding to the needs of the flesh all leading to war and now the third world war — all of which is with you: it has begun.”

“All the powers of Lucifer are now dictating to you. It is he you are listening to. He will lead you on the road to partake of the mark-of-the-beast which is known as ‘the chip’. That will separate you from My Life because that chip will have everything of your person and control of your life.”

“Through this control you reject Me and your final decision is made for death that you have chosen for yourself. I do not desire this for you; I have called you and shown you and proven to you My love and mercy through many healings and the outpouring of grace. I have poured out My Precious Blood upon you. I have pleaded before many hearts but what have you returned to Me? You have shown me sodomy growing rapidly like a cancer in the wind. It is growing in your hearts to destroy your souls. Can you not see it is the seduction of Satan?”

“Oh women, you desire to murder your unborn children through abortion! In the gift I have given to you, you permit My Blood once again to be spilled upon the earth. That is the gift I have given you in the fruitfulness of your womb.”

“You let Me look and see My Blood once again poured out upon the earth but this time through your being seduced by Lucifer. When I once let My Blood be poured out upon the earth, it was to give you Life of Me and set you free but in that free will you now choose Lucifer’s path and walk away from Me. My love and Mercy will never stop till you breathe your last and then your soul will depart with Lucifer where it will then burn in hell for all eternity in the fires that he has already prepared for you. Yet in My Love and Mercy I had prepared a home for you in my Father’s House that would have fulfilled your soul for all eternity beyond your understanding. But you refused this, my people: your generation is lost.”

“My Church authorities united in My Priesthood are not teaching My Truth. They are blinded and walk in dangerous paths. They partake of My Life and yet they do not recognise Me. They are blind to all of Truth that I have given them. They are full of fear of where they are about go and what they are about to do rather than knowing they are meant to serve Me. You, the lambs of your generation, refuse as they do, the Life I had given them and as I said, you are in the time of the “ox and the raven”, the “lamb and the wolf”. You are in these times now. The fire and brimstone will fall from the sky in fire. You generation of people have brought this upon yourselves through sin. There are many in your world who partake of great suffering. When this suffering is offered, I receive it and I draw to myself many little souls that do not know me or understand. I touch the hearts of many, I pour graces out upon you- but all in vain. Because of your worldly powers through sin you have made money your god but Lucifer will strip you of it all and everything of the world and your life — even your means of survival. Many, many of you including My priest sons who serve Me will go with him. They will unite with him who is Lucifer and, indeed, now there are many united with him in your time.”

“How it afflicts My Sacred Heart! My Heart is pierced as I look upon you. My people I have given Mercy and My Life to you in abundance but you reject me. My little one, My vessel, I fill and empty you many times with suffering to show people it is I.”

“Yet they do the same to you as they have done onto Me.”

“People of this generation, you have denied and belied her and crucfied her so that her life in her humanity is a mere remnant of Mine. Now through your actions in sin against her, see what you have done onto her.”

(Jesus then gave a personal message for Christina’s spiritual director. He also gave a private message for a particular couple and at the appropriate time it will be conveyed to them. Jesus then concluded;)

“I bless you in the name of My Father, in Me, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit who live with you. Amen.”

“the ox and the raven”: The ox, because of its mighty strength, was considered the most powerful animal. The raven conoted evil but also unreliability, undependability. So Jesus means we are in the time of super-powers that act for evil intent.

“the wolf and the lamb”: The phrase means tyrants or aggressors (like wolves) do not need a real reason to justify their savage treatment of the helpless and the innocent (the lambs). Jesus’ words are indicating that this is becoming a time when we will be like lambs among wolves.