Message to Henri of the Roman Order – 13 January 2023

Message from His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

Given to Henri, Mystique of the Roman Order of Marie Reine de France

January 13, 2023

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Henri : Christus Vincit is sung during Holy Hour.

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI appears in priestly clothing, a dawn with lace at the bottom and at the level of the sleeves, a white chasuble with the M of Marie in blue. It carries the pallium, a golden miter and a stick on which I read the inscription “In Hoc signo vinces”.

I sign to welcome His Message.

In the name of Father + and of the Son + and of the Holy Spirit + Amen

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI : Dear Son, humanity is approaching the anniversary of the Council of Nicea. A graceful time in the middle of the flood. God still wants it for the Fidel Rest, my Words become an indispensable compass.

Do you know Gregorius Sextus Decimus ?

Henri : Very Holy Father, I know him.

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI : Pope Gregory 16 was only a simple priest when he was elected. He was neither Bishop nor Cardinal. His Pontificat saw the rise of Large French Marial Apparitions, those of Rue du Bac and Salette.

Henri : Why are you talking about the Pontificat of Pope Gregory 16?

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI : The current Bishop of Rome, François, is not the Pope of Prophecy. The Angelique Pastor, the Last Pope is the example of Grégoire 16.

Henri : I know what must happen to François after the vacant seat. Very Holy Father, guide us!

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI : The Black Eagle *, this great nation will impose its choice on the church. When the great solemnities agree on the same day with the feast of Great Saints, you will have the sign and the understanding to analyze what is about to burst.

Henri : Very Holy Father, what do you mean ?

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI : Standing in the Barque de Saint-Pierre, the masonry maneuvers with forces of influence. The situation of the Church is deteriorating day by day. There is no longer any clarity or consistency in the defined orientation. Thoughtful reforms, those underway and those to come, will dismember the Heritage of the Apostles’ Tradition. Pay attention to the Easter party, Pentecost and God’s Day. The noise which was still distant, which was weak, sounds like an alarm. You are the Church and fleeing it would only weaken it, destabilize it and make it vulnerable to the Masonic sphere. Internal currents are fighting a fierce battle. Support the Church !

Offer sacrifices to God. The Church is not imperfect. Those who govern it with an iron fist make it an unfaithful institution with Divine Precepts. The feast of Grands Saints, Saint Mark,  Saint-Antoine de Padoue and Saint-Jean-Baptiste will be for the Roman Order of Marie Reine of France precursor signs when the Throne of Saint-Pierre is stained with blood.

When the Archbishop of Paris knows the same end, The clergy held captive will be tortured and Rome in the hands of the invader.

Dear Son, the time has come to withdraw, to find refuge, and to continue the mission entrusted to you. Men are always recalcitrant, refusing the Cross. Woe to the rebellious heart.

Dear Son, I must continue to enlighten souls in the middle of the storm. God asks me to guide the Church in the darkest days. The Virgin of Reparation whom I welcomed with confidence has not finished Her Message for the Church and the world. She still has to visit France. I call the Little Rest to trample on the Marial Sanctuary offered to the Virgin of Reparation.

The days come when reparation will find its place in hearts, in families, and in the chosen communities. Do not allow yourself to be carried away by the upheavals which will seek to put darkness in the minds, disarray in the hearts. In the invocation that the Mother of God has given you, you will have confidence and the courage to resist. In these troubled days, put a force against the Celestial remedy that has been given.

Dear Son, I will walk by your side. I will not let the rabid forces bring down what was conceded at the cost of sacrifices with the spirit of reparation. Let the faithful Christians come now without losing a single moment, the hour is serious. The danger is pressing as it has not been for a long time. I send my blessing to accompany those who are ready to give testimony from Faith.

In the name of Father + and of the Son + and of the Holy Spirit + AMEN

Henri : The Holy Father lifts the butt. I see Spain, Portugal. These two countries are red with blood. The Holy Father is falling on the butt, Spain Portugal is only one country.

( The Holy Father speaks to me in private and then disappears. )

* Germany