Message on the 3rd Sunday after Easter – 23 April 2023

Message on 3rd Sunday after Easter

23 April 2023

There are hundreds of thousands of White Crosses standing in front of me and the Big White Cross standing in the sky. There are strong white lights coming from the cross like sparkles. These lights are coming towards me forming a white road.

The Cross is opening in the front and there are many angels coming forward and Jesus is coming on a golden chariot but He is holding the reigns. The horses are pure white and behind Jesus are many Saints slowly walking. And there seem to be a row of Apostles and behind them are many rows of Saints – all of them Priests.

Jesus is dressed very regally with a beautiful Crown. Its the Papal Crown. In between the crosses are many many Saints. These are the ones who will be Saints of the near future.

Saint Michael and the three Seraphic Angels which are with me all the time greet Our Lord. Jesus gets off the carriage and it disappears. Jesus has stepped in my room and is 15 feet away from me.

Jesus makes the Sign of The Cross. In The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost. Amen. +

I greet you. Today, I come to introduce you and Holy mother Church to a new feast day, it is called:


And I bless it. In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost. Amen + .

I will grant every soul that dies within the 48 hours, Salvation. And those that go to Purgatory, I promise quick release for those who need to cleanse their souls – and all babies that are conceived, entry into Heaven to be in the Choir of Angels. And they will help those mothers who abandon them. In The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost. Amen +

I know it has been difficult for you and many of Our children, because you carry the brunt of the world, because you are the souls who make reparation for the souls who have left God’s side and those souls who have followed the earthly way, but forgetting My Holy Will which is to save all of mankind.

Today I come as the Pontiff of all of My children in the light of the Last Pontiff for Holy Mother Church. My children as I look around the world I see mankind in great darkness which will lead them to the abyss which is open wide. I am currently speaking to other privileged souls. Most have been stopped giving public messages except for a few but I have opened their voices once again to reiterate My Plea with mankind before I close the door and My Just Hand will come upon mankind.

Already, part of My Justice has fallen, as you can see, through many tornadoes hitting the USA. But many countries will get much of the coming chastisements starting in the Lands of the Middle East. Sudan has begun, but the neighbouring countries of Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine, Iran and Siberia, Arabia and Jordan, Morocco and many more will receive a great chastisement – as many countries of the Middle East are planning to invade Spain and France.

I ask the European Nations to be prepared because Russia is planning to invade Free Europe to the surprise of many leaders.

England, which is preparing the Feast of the Coronation of King Charles; be prepared My children, it will be the beginning of great trials for this Nation. All the Royal Houses of the World must prepare themselves, as great chastisements are coming upon their countries.

The Countries near the border of Russia are to prepare themselves, and President Putin is to stop the aggression towards the Country of the Ukraine and reverse his decision to invade Europe, for a great chastisement is coming upon Russia, for their allies, China, will only help at first – but will attack Russia.

Pray dear children, because a great chastisement will come into the world through a Comet – even though Russia and China wishes to annihilate part of Europe and India which will cause great sufferings for the countries of Asia.

Australia, you will be attacked from China, and you must now raise your sights to build up your Navy and Military. You believe that USA will come to your aid – but you believe in a myth that — that is possible, but in fact, it is that USA will be attacked via California and Hawaii – and it is very soon, because Italy will be taken over very shortly.

My children, My children, I beg of you to listen very carefully, because The Dragon and The Bear have plans to take over the whole world and for a short time, it will allow the evil one to dominate, but it is by the powerful hand and prayers of My Last Vicar and the Suffering Church that My Victory will be swift and devastating.

The evil flag of Communism will be burnt to a crisp very soon and the flag of My Holy Vicar and The Church will dominate.

I ask all children of the world who hear My Voice to pray 3 Hail Mary’s each day for the Triumph of My Holy Mother over the demons and their weakness now.

Pray My children of Japan, because a great devastation is coming upon your land. Turn to Me so that My Mercy will engulf all of the people. The reason for this is because the people have placed Me and My Holy Mother Mary aside. Turn to Us now while you still have the time. I love you very much.

Dear children of America, I ask each one of you to pray because I have sent over 100 seers to your land. Please listen to them now. I bless you.

To the children of South America, your Countries are suffering now because many have gone astray, forgetting their Faith. Turn your path to the Light while you still have time.

Brazil and Argentina, do not give away your Faith, but believe in God’s Goodness. Pray My sweet children, because great waves are coming to your shores very very soon as an Asteroid will hit the ocean and cause great destruction.

My children of Australia, you still have closed your hearts but shortly this will change as you will be hit with multiple chastisements.

Saint Andronicus, is the Saint for Bishops

Your Holy Mother sends a special blessing. In The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost. Amen.+