Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians — is the title that Our Lady identifies Herself most often in the Apparitions given to the Little Pebble.

The Messages

The Little Pebble is a Roman Catholic Seer / Mystic / Visionary who has been receiving Messages from Jesus and Mary since he was about 18 years old. Most of these were private. In 1983 he began to receive public Messages from Jesus and Mary giving guidance and direction to the Catholic Church, the world in general and to all souls of good-will. The Messages often took the form of warnings and the threat of more chastisements because of so much sin and the rejection of God. The Messages give comfort God’s children and give hope to so many who live in fear and anxiety. Finally, the Messages speak for themselves.

Short Videos about the Little Pebble and his Mission

Video 1: The Mission Begins

Video 2: The Unity of the Seers

Video 3: The Holy Grounds

Video 4: Part 1 Interview with the Little Pebble

Video 5: Part 2 Interview with the Little Pebble

Video 6: Part 3 – Interview with the Little Pebble (Final)

See More Videos about the Little Pebble:

Apparitions, Messages, Retreat Talks and Conferences – Archived Video

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  1. when I was young my father told me to remember this words ‘if you find the little pebble, you found everything ‘ Dear sir I bealive I am at the good adress today and I am facing great difficuties help help

    • Hi Kamden Simo, the messages are all about trust in God’s Love like a good child loves his father and mother. Pray your rosary with Our Lady, the Mother of God. She will help Her children to Love Her Jesus — our Saviour. Continue to read and think about the Messages and try to do what God is telling us these days. May Jesus Bless + you and Our Lady love you tenderly. Amen.

  2. Dear Kamdem simo peace and blessings to you my friend, I have sent you an email
    What can I help you with? I will pray for you and ask Jesus to help you as He loves you very much. Trust in Him. God bless. William Costellia

  3. Hi I have know you from my uncle around 1985-86 here in New Brunswick. Went to a prayer group and saw Mother Mary Statue…from then on she gave me the scent of Roses every time I went to Church at the lifting of the host! Thank You!
    Since then I lost it….But I know and believe in our King Jesus and Mother of Salvation ever more.
    We want to sell our little summer home place. If it’s the will of God!
    Please pray for me and my husband and our grown three boys their wives and our one grand son Benoit…Thank You! Bless and Glory to God Almighty.

    • Hi Agnes, I seem to remember your family name from my visit to that Community. I was there in May 1987 with the Little Pebble. Be in peace, Agnes. Jesus and Mary gave you that perfume as a gift so that you would remember later. God is beautiful in His Love for you and all of His children. Just continue to trust in God’s Love and His Divine Providence. You will know what to do in your heart. Be in peace always. May Jesus Bless + you and your husband and children and Our Lady love you tenderly. Amen. Bishop Broussard

  4. I am from South Africa,

    I Am a Roman Catholic and getting ready for Church. It is Sunday 27th May 2018

    This is about me and my Faith. I do believe, but lack faith, due to all the things happening around me. I have asked God the father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to advise me on what I should do, I know the answer, but am held back by our worldly issues. I have been on your site and have seen the good and terrible, the warnings of what is to come, and this is bothering me greatly that it has affected every aspect of the day and night. I feel that I am living in Purgatory and have been there for a while. Occasionally my Faith is lifted, but these are short periods, I dwell more with anxiety and Depression. I am trying to pick myself up, but find myself wanting to do nothing, just to sit or lay down and sleep.

    So I am asking you through the Holy trinity to advise me and to pray for me as I will pray for you and all the world.


    • Dear Ivan remain at peace my friend, this same struggle is occurring with many souls right now ,it is because God loves you so much that He now is asking you to share with Him how He feels about His children and carry the Cross H e gave you
      Fear not because He holds your hand. Yes you are undergoing Purgatory on Earth
      Now as all of His children are because He wishes to purify you and us all so that when Jesus returns you are ready to be with Him so that He can take the World
      Through the Great Tribulation United touched and enter the New Holy Era where you will be at peace in the happiness knowing that you were saved with all those you love.. take courage have hope trust inGods love for you and live only one day at a time. God bless. William Costellia. I will pray for you.

  5. I am very happy and joy in my heart when I heard you from my auntie and I think you know her. There is something that I cannot explain, like an ecstasy. Praying for you with your family and the mission. And also the congregation that will be establish here in Philippines. I was a seminarian and I do believe that God has a better plan for me because my formators(Priests who facilitate the seminary) decided to not pursue my formation there and continue my schooling outside. How I wish that I may enter in your congregation. I should have a question from you last Sunday but Bishop told me that is a private question. but then again even i didn’t have the opportunity to ask you question, God already gave it to me the answer that not to continue my formation, it was decided to send me out last Tuesday..
    Totus Tuus!!

    • Hi Dave, it was nice meeting you last July with your friends. I had such a lovely stay for that whole month. So many good people who follow MDM and also the Divine Mercy apostolate. I think we were able to explain the Mission and Messages of the Little Pebble. I am glad to be able, since that time to continue communicating with all of you. May Jesus Bless + you and Our Lady love you tenderly. Amen.

  6. I just came across this address on Facebook and would like you to help beg our dear Lord to help me not to to fall into the sin of the flesh again. After all my struggle I still find myself in the same sin.

    • Hi Mariadavid, be in peace. Sometimes Our Lord allows a soul to struggle against themselves — it keeps them humble enough to keep calling out to Jesus for forgiveness. Call out to Our Lady and pray Her Holy Rosary often. Keep going to the Sacrament of Confession often. Receive Our Lord in the state of Grace in Holy Communion at Mass.

  7. Hello

    My name is Adam, and am looking for a new spark, my future path that sits ahead. Do you have any personal messages for me?

    Through my personal Interior locution, I am one who has been blessed with the Seal of Protection, which is the Gift of Salvation, and is the New Name, all of this has comes in the form of The Cross.

    Let us pray; Oh Mother of Salvation come to the aid of this Mission, help us God’s Remnant Army to renounce Satan, we beg You to crush the head of the beast with Your Heel and to remove all obstacles in our mission to save souls. amen

    I will pray for you and your mission. Please pray for me.

    May the Love of God be with you always

    Your Brother In Christ

    • Hi Adam, thank you for your comment. Continue to stay close to Jesus and Mary and follow the Messages, especially on this website. May Jesus Bless + you and Our Lady love you tenderly. Amen. Bishop Broussard

    • Dear Adam peace and blessings be to you, thank you for writing to me, be assured I will pray for you, yes God has given many wonderful gifts for His children be at peace, your friend William Costellia

    • Dear Adam peace be with you, I answered your email about a week ago did you receive it. Be at peace because Jesus Loves you. William Costellia

  8. This is the first time I see this. I am from Louisiana, USA. I have been struggling with my Faith for a few years. I am now 81 years old and want to be close to Our Blessed Mother again and God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. My prayer life has dwindled although I have several prayer books and know my prayers. I pray for my family and friends and ask for blessings and Divine Mercy for them almost every night. Please pray for me.

    • Hi Eleanor, be in peace. I am sure Our Lady is close to you because She is your Queen and Mother. We are united in prayers Eleanor. May Jesus Bless + you and Our Lady love you tenderly. Amen. Bishop M Broussard

  9. My name is Scholastica from Tanzania. Thanks for your love for sharing these heavenly meseges, may our almight God grant you every grace you desire. Please pray for me especially on my challenges I’m passing through in my life.

    • Hi Scholastica, thank you for your prayers and support. United in prayers. May Jesus Bless + you and Our Lady love you tenderly. Amen.

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