Catholic Prophecy and the Coming Chastisement – 27 November 2022

Extracts from the book: Catholic Prophecy by Yves Dupont (TAN Books and Publishers, USA, 1973); ANNE CATHERINE EMMERICH: May 13, 1820. "I saw also the relationship between the two popes. . . I saw how baleful would be the conse­quences of this false church. I saw it increase in size~ heretics of every kind came into the city (of Rome). The local clergy grew lukewarm, and I saw a great darkness. . . Then, the vision seemed to extend on every side. Whole Catholic com­munities were being oppressed, harassed, confined, and de­prived of their freedom. I saw many churches close down, great miseries everywhere, wars and bloodshed. A wild and ignorant mob took to violent action. But it did not last long. "Once more I saw that the Church of Peter was un­dermined by a plan evolved by the secret sect, while storms were damaging it. But I saw also that help was coming when distress had reached its peak. I saw again the Blessed Virgin ascend on the Church and spread her mantle [over it]. I saw a Pope who was at once gentle, and very firm ... I saw a great renewal, and the Church rose high in the sky.”

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