Message to Bright Star – 15 August 2022

OUR LADY: “I ask you My children to also pray for My Son’s Church upon earth, it is in such darkness. Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, because his hour is almost here to flee Rome and this is one of the signs, My children, to know that the warning is at hand. Pray for Francis, My children. Ask God to show Mercy to him and that He will turn away from his ways and that he will ask God to forgive him. For he, too, will be called across the veil very shortly. And I ask you also to pray for Peter II who will soon take charge and lead My children. Oh, My son, your God has not forgotten you nor have you been forsaken. All that has been prophesied through, the years, My son, will come to fulfilment before the eyes of many disbelievers. Be at peace, My son, for I love you. And I Bless these three sons: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen …”

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